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US H1-B Visa holders can now work and live in Canada Here’s how to apply as this could be beneficiary for Indians

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US United states H1-B visa benefits to Indians US H1-B Visa holders can now work and live in Canada Here’s how to apply as this could be beneficiary for Indians

Introduction how Indian having an H1-B US Visa can now work in Canada

A new open work-permit stream that Canada has announced will enable 10,000 H-1B visa holders in the US to enter and work there could be advantageous for many Indian tech experts. Canada wants to lead the world in a number of developing technologies and draw in workers who have been affected by the US tech industry’s big layoffs. Workers on US H1-B visas are now receiving open work permits from Canada, allowing them to come to the country and work there for three years.

What is US H1-B Visa?

An H-1B The United States government issues highly qualified foreign nationals with visas. This kind of visa entitles the holder to temporary employment in the US. But in order to obtain this kind of visa, the applicant needs a sponsor, otherwise known as an employer. Additionally, the position must fall under a particular category of occupations.

Simply said, an H-1B visa is a short-term work permit for foreign nationals in the US.

After the first three years, most employees with this temporary visa are eligible to request renewals. In fact, they are permitted to work in the US for a total of six years if their petitions for extensions are approved.

Canada Work Permit

Indians have another reason to rejoice as Canada has begun to grant open work permits to holders of US H1-B visas, allowing them to work and remain in Canada for up to three years in an effort to recruit highly talented professionals. Indians are expected to benefit the most from the H1-B visa programme because they make up about 75% of all US visa holders.

For one year, or until Canada receives 10,000 applications, whichever comes first, this new scheme will be available. The family members of US H1-B visa holders will also be able to visit Canada to study or look for employment opportunities thanks to this initiative.

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship 

Minister Sean Fraser on Tuesday, the Canadian government will establish an open work-permit stream by July 16 to permit 10,000 American citizens with H-1B visas to enter and work in Canada.

The project will also allow for study or employment visas for their family members, according to the Ministry’s news release.

“We’re excited about the lofty objectives we’ve set in terms of immigration because they go beyond simple maths; they are strategic. We’re focusing on newcomers who can help cement Canada as a global leader in a number of emerging technologies through Canada’s first-ever immigration tech talent strategy, Mr. Fraser said.

What does the Scheme provide?

  • Holders of H1-B visas in the US are eligible for the program’s open work permit for Canada. 
  • Successful candidates may live, study, or work in Canada for a period of three years with the open work permit. 
  • To apply for the programme, candidates do not need to have a work offer or a college acceptance from Canada. 
  • In addition, the applicants’ spouses and dependents will be permitted to reside, study, or work under the programme for three years. 
  • The programme was intended to last either for a year or until the required 10,000 candidates were received. Family members of the primary candidates are not counted towards the maximum 10,000 applicants.

Made it to the cap 

According to sources, Canada’s plan had a ceiling of 10,000 applicants, which had already been achieved. In two days, they received 10,000 applications that were intended to last one year. The US is aware of the desperation but chooses to ignore it.


How to apply for the visa?

For the time being you can no longer apply for the US H1-B visa as the cap 10,000 is already reached. However, you can keep your documents ready for future announcements.

Prepare your documents

You’ll require the following in order to apply:

  • A copy of your Form I-797/I797B, Notice of Action for your current H-1B visa
  • This letter from the US government certifying the approval of your H-1B application.
  • A document proving your residency in the US, such as a Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Keep a recent power bill and tax return on file.
  • Any proof that you are a US citizen

IRCC Portal: Submit an online application

Whenever the IRCC portal asks for your UCI

If this is your first time applying, you won’t yet have a Unique Client Identifier (UCI). If the site asks for your UCI, type 00000000. After that, you can proceed with your application.

If this is your first time using the IRCC Portal, create a new account.

They will send you a code to sign up as soon as you provide your email address.

After logging in

  • Click Apply to enter Canada temporarily to visit, study, or work.
  • Check the box that reads “I’m ready to start my application” at the bottom of the following page.

When requesting to bring along eligible family members

  • Answer Yes when prompted: Do you intend to submit applications for multiple people at once?
  • Choose “Family” as the type of group that best describes your circumstance.
  • For each member of your family, click Add member on the Manage group page.
  • Each family member must fill out an application, but you can submit them all at once after you’re finished.

Select an open work permit for an H-1B visa holder when asked what you wish to apply for.

To finish filling out your application, continue completing the remaining questions.

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Contributed by Ankit Raj Sharma

Edited by Imtiaz Ullah

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