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Weirdest Driving Laws in Canada 2023

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Weirdest Driving Laws in Canada: Most drivers know the basic rules of the road. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a license. But, in Canada, there are some weird driving laws that are pretty obscure.

You may not even know you’re breaking one of these laws until you’re cited for it. In most cases, though, these laws aren’t enforced too often, unless, of course, you’re being disrespectful to the traffic officer.

The experts at Boland Romaine Personal Injury Lawyers bring us these weird driving laws in Canada so you don’t end up with a car accident injury or a ticket you don’t want to pay.

Taxi Driver Attire

In Montreal, taxi drivers have a dress code they are supposed to follow while driving their cabs. The law states that taxi drivers are required to wear “clean white shirts and long black pants.”

The reason for this rule isn’t clear, but it might have something to do with ensuring members of the public can easily identify taxi drivers so they don’t get into a suspect vehicle.

Interestingly, passengers can even report their taxi drivers for wearing improper attire and they’ll get fined.

Just be sure you’re already at your destination before you make that report. No word on whether ride-share drivers have a dress code, too.

Turning Right on Red

While this is a law that is enforced in Montreal, numerous officials have tried to get it taken off the books, especially because Montreal is the only city in which turning right on a red light is forbidden.

Weirdest Driving Laws

Fifteen mayors of Montreal suburbs have tried to convince the Canadian government to allow this procedure in suburban areas without a lot of traffic, but for now, the law is still in effect.

So, if you’re traveling to Montreal from just about anywhere else in North America, keep this rule in mind.

It could lead to a car accident and an injury, neither of which you want.


Ontario is particularly harsh on people who smoke cigarettes. Not only is smoking prohibited in public and outdoor places, but it’s also banned in vehicles when children are present.

One might argue that parents shouldn’t smoke around their kids anyway, but it’s surprising that there’s actually a law in place that will result in fines if broken.

A word of warning as well: one Ontario resident has racked up a pile of fines for smoking in his car even without children present. He’s fighting the citations, but so far has not been successful.

Racing Animals

The city of Ontario is home to another strange law that is somewhat puzzling. It’s illegal to “furiously” race against a horse or any other animal while driving on the highways.

First, if there’s a horse or other animal on the highways, most drivers are going to stop and try to get the animal out of the road.

Second, how would an officer know whether you’re racing the animal or not?

And what would constitute “furious” racing as opposed to non-furious racing?

So many questions about this one.

And as a side note, racing on the streets isn’t a good idea anyway. In 2020, speed was a factor in 25.3% of all traffic fatalities in Canada, killing an average of four Canadians every day.

Whether you’re rushing to get somewhere quickly or trying to race an animal, speeding puts your life at risk. Obey the speed limits and save a life.

Honk Before Passing

In an effort to cut down on road collisions that occur on the province’s hilly roads, Prince Edward Island has a “honk before passing” law that requires you to let another motorist know that you’re passing them by giving them a toot of your horn.

This law is seldom enforced, and you might even startle someone if you honk when you pass.

But, you’d be well within your rights to do so! 

Even though this law might be antiquated, there were still 1,319 car accidents in Prince Edward Island in 2020 with 13 fatalities.

Obeying the traffic laws, even the “honk before Passing” law, can prevent many car accidents and injuries.


Whether you’re a resident of Canada or a visitor, it’s always good to know the laws before you hit the roads, even laws as weird as these.

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