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Story Of A Bishop Pallipparambil George In Serving Humanity

SalamatRaho presents to you the story of Bishop-Pallipparambil George. A young man from Kerala found his goal, his purpose of life in Arunachal Pradesh,...

Slip And Fall Injury – Common Damages You Might Experience

Slip and fall injuries are common everywhere. However, when these injuries are caused due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness leading to severe physical...

Barak Valley’s Handicraft and Organic Products

Barak Valley's Handicraft and Organic Products Assam is the melting point for handicraft, organic products and Barak valley of Assam is no exception to it....

Stay At Awesome Howling Nights Resort in Burwa, Manali

Stay At Awesome Howling Nights Resort in Burwa, Manali Prior to the corona pandemic work from home was a luxury but now, amid the pandemic,...

How many beach in goa?: Enjoy a memorable Goa vacation

There are several beach resorts in Goa that offer visitors the chance to enjoy a memorable Goa vacation. The first question that most tourists...

Itinerary: Trek Hampta Pass

OVERVIEW Hampta pass trek, it is considered best and convenient of all treks in Himachal Pradesh. It might not be the most adrenalin rush giving...

This Man Is On A Mission To Open 100 Libraries In...

SalamatRaho presents the story of a man who is on a mission of establishing 100 libraries across India- Joginder Rohilla. "Everything you need for a...

Young film maker from Assam brings in social change through theatre

SalamatRaho presents the story of Okhrang, a young filmmaker from Assam.  His goal is to bring changes to society through theatre. Globalization has brought...

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Our Story – Travel & Don’t Stop !

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At social level – Team NomadLawyer is involved with various projects that aims at upliftment of the society and also promotes responsible and volunteer tourism.

Vision – Walk through the beautiful landscapes of the world responsibly through NomadLawyer – A journey to unexplored begins here.

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We at NomadLawyer, believe this site to be a one stop travel portal and that together we can improve cultural, ecological, and economic conditions around the world by changing the way people travel and create awareness pertaining to the travel laws.

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Askalu – A local food during Diyali festival in Upper Kullu

Did you know about Diyali Festival? Diyali is a local festival celebrated in Upper Kullu valley. Diyali festival Diyali is celebrated on the night of a new...

Story- Friends of Children, FoC

“SalamatRaho” an initiative by NomadLawyer recognises Vani Subramanyam, a teacher for her contribution in social work.  This blog will highlight the story of “Friends...

Fundraiser: Mask for Kids After School Reopens India

Under the initiative "Salamat Raho" Nomadlawyer, has launched the fundraiser- Mask Up. Masks or face coverings should be worn at all public places...

Gastronomical Delights To Beat Lockdown Blues

Photos: Priyanka Das Priyanka is an HR professional by the day, traveler during holidays and a chef during lock down! Since she and her husband are...

How to market an online gummies business

If you're trying to market an online business, it can be easy to get discouraged and think your business is doomed. But don't give...

New York City Guide: Places to see in New York

New York is a massive city with nearly endless options for visitors, from the historic to the modern. Choosing a few of its best...

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