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Fauzi Osman: Malaysian Chef Who Is King Of Gastronomical Fusion Food

Since foodporn is the new addiction. Celebrity chefs are gaining popularity around the globe. When it comes to Malaysian food, we have a royal...

Malta -The Pearl in the Middle of the Mediterranean

Malta is a small island found in the heart of the Mediterranean sea region. With a population of 437,000 in just 318 kms ,...

See Now: How to Take Care Of your Car During Corona...

See Now: How to Take Care Of your Car During Corona Pandemic Lock down

Experience The Tea Tourism Of Rural Assam

Carefree Life - unimpaired by technology About 2020 has been a noteworthy year and it has impacted human lives across the globe significantly. With the advent...

Ladakh Temperature: Understanding the Ladakh Temperature & precipitation From Satellite Photos

Ask any tourist about Ladakh and you are sure to hear about the enchanting Ladakh temperature as well as about the many mesmerizing tourist...

Helping Assam villages during Covid-19 pandemic

Why Rajakuchi Village, Morigaon, Assam It's difficult to distinguish Rajakuchi village in Morigaon district of Assam from any other village in that region. Lush and...

Travel Guidelines in India during Covid Lockdown

The threat of Covid Pandemic is still looming large. It has severely impacted the day to day life. As if the entire world has...

Log Kya Kahenge? Clinical Depression During Covid-19

Covid-19 Lockdown, is powerful tool against Corona virus. Thanks to our leaders, we are seeing less deaths and now cases are doubling only after...

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Mahashivaratri At Sivasagar, Assam

Sivasagar, is the place where I originally hail from. This place is very close to my heart as I have spent a substantial time...

Story- Friends of Children, FoC

“SalamatRaho” an initiative by NomadLawyer recognises Vani Subramanyam, a teacher for her contribution in social work.  This blog will highlight the story of “Friends...

Deepika Is Making Indian Street Food At Home

Incase you don't know Deepika, You should first go and check out her food blog gallery DEEPIKA IS A BAKING ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE . Now,...

Khirai – Valley of Flowers in West Bengal

Through this guest blog by Reza Zakaria, we shall try to highlight an unexplored place named Khirai- Valley of Flowers in West Bengal.  Khirai is...

Anam & Danish Are True Food Fanatics

Danish and his clan are true foodies. According to Danish, his wife Anam is an extraordinary chef. "Her dishes are the reason behind my...

NGO Nirmalya Trust: The Story Of Meena Bedarkar

Project Salamat Raho keeps striving to bring forward stories of unsung heroes, social good  and  humanKind. The goal is to create impact through storytelling.   This...

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