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The Story of Namghar – Bharali Namghar, Nagaon, Assam

What is a Namghar Namghar is a congregation of devotees singing the name of Gods.  In the state of Assam Namghar is present in every...

Here Are Finest Guest Houses For Your Next Himalayan Adventure

Travelling is an integral part of my life. It acts as an elixir. Travelling has helped me evolve as a person. For me travelling...

Itinerary: Himachal Pradesh’s Bara Bhangal Trek – Nomad Lawyer – Nomad...

Overview Dharamshala, Kullu & Manali, Mandi This trek starts from Manali and drop at Dharamshala HIGHEST ALTITUDE 4725 m DURATION OF TOUR 12 Nights/13 Days BEST SEASON TO VISIT July to...

Online Classes During Covid Times

I will start by saying " every dark cloud has a silver lining and we shall overcome. This time shall pass but we need...

Recipe: A Kebab That Doesn’t Melt In Mouth Is Not A...

Traditional Style of preparing - Galouti Kebab Believe it or not, the origin of Galouti Kebab lies in the Melt-In -Mouth concept. Even a toothless...

Kerala’s Black Gold: Pepper

Pepper is one of the hot subjects for most people in the travel food services industry. Black pepper is commonly known as black gold....

Sri Lanka: Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Welcome to Sri Lanka -  stunning natural beauty that will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized. ABOUT SRI LANKA The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is an...

Story- Friends of Children, FoC

“SalamatRaho” an initiative by NomadLawyer recognises Vani Subramanyam, a teacher for her contribution in social work.  This blog will highlight the story of “Friends...

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Volunteer and Cultural Tourism by ROSE Home Stay

Through this blog we would like to highlight the efforts of Rural organisation for Social Elevation (ROSE)Homestay, an initiative by Gopal Ratna awardee, Mr....

Super Fruit From Assam- O Tenga Aka The Elephant Apple

Do you know why Assam is called the biodiversity hotspot of the world?  Owing to diverse topography, climate and agro- ecological condition, Assam and North...

Nowroz: Polo Festival Of Ladakh

Did you know that Polo is a part of many festivals in Ladakh like Losar festival and Nowruz festival? Polo is more than a sport,...

Train Journey – The Lifeline Of India

Trains are one of the most important modes of communication in India, it acts as a lifeline for hundreds and thousands of people. My love...

Rebuilding The Tourism Industry after Corona Pandemic

The Traveller Trails Organised Webinars discussing Strategies to Rebuilding The Tourism Industry In Collaboration with ATPHP. The speakers present in the webinar were mostly academicians,...

Kerala’s Black Gold: Pepper

Pepper is one of the hot subjects for most people in the travel food services industry. Black pepper is commonly known as black gold....

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