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Travel Laws By NomadLawyer- Ignore At Your Peril. No one wants to be Banged Up Abroad. Research the local laws of your destination before traveling abroad. An important and often overlooked part of travel preparation is to review the local laws of your destination. When you travel to a different country, you are subject to that country's laws. Even if you unknowingly break those laws, you may be held responsible and pay the penalties. NomadLawyer's Travel Laws section covers the basics insight on local laws, consumer rules and rights pertaining to travel so that you can be prepared the next time you book a plane ticket or hotel room. In this section, you can find articles on travel related laws of a place and unique or weird rules a traveler must follow. For any travel related query reach out to us at

Travel Scams: How To Avoid These Tourist Traps

Have you ever been scammed during Travel?  Be aware - and don’t fall for it. Online booking has made travel easy. But there is a...

Travel Laws for Afghanistan !!

Is it safe to travel to Afghanistan? and are you aware of the necessary travel Laws? Afghanistan is not absolutely safe for travellers. It is...

Indian Travel Laws That You Should Never Ignore

Interesting and Intriguing, India, the land of incredible diversity offers incomparable holiday experiences through its culture, topography and wildlife.  Immerse yourself in this beautiful...

Travelers Beware: Drug Laws In South East Asian Countries

"A holiday that ends in any of the world's hardest prison would be any traveller’s worst nightmare" - National Geographic Since no one wants to...

Weird Travel Laws A Traveler Must Know

"To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen Who doesn't like Travelling? But are you aware of the weird/strange travel laws that are followed...

How To Get An International Drivers License

How To Get An International Drivers License

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