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Legal Considerations That A Digital Nomad Should Know

Legal Considerations That A Digital Nomad Should Know

A Guide To UAE Visa Extension Policy 2023

A Guide To UAE Visa Extension Policy 2023 The UAE has a visa extension policy that allows visitors to extend their stay in the country....

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting Travel and Tourism

Every day, advances in artificial intelligence bring new, dependable, and appealing solutions to a variety of businesses. The travel and tourism sector is still...

Unlocking the Value: Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in the Travel Sector

INTRODUCTION  The importance of intellectual property rights and innovation cannot be emphasized in today's fiercely competitive travel business. Protecting their corporate identity and encouraging fresh...

Here’s How You should Travel With Your Pets

Here's How You should Travel With Your Pets Traveling with a pet can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it does require some planning...

A Guide To Visa Requirements And Process Of Morocco In 2023

Morocco Visa Requirements The first thing that comes to mind while adding a place to the bucket list is "why should I travel to this...

Volunteer Itinerary: The Himalayan Teaching Program At Imamiya Mission School, Ladakh

We at Imamiya Mission School are offering an internship programme, wherein you get a unique chance to explore the enchanting beauty of Himalayas and...

New Rules to promote Responsible Behavior in Online Gaming

When we talk about new rules to promote responsible behavior in online gaming, what are the things that come to our mind?  Well, through this...

Travel Insurance: Importance of Coverage During Uncertain Times

Travel insurance is one aspect that should never be ignored by a traveler. Here are some important points to be considered before opting for...

Consumer Protection Laws Safeguarding Tourists & Travelers from Fraud Travel Companies

Fraud Travel Companies & Laws Safeguarding Tourists Introduction  Since the turn of the century, both local and foreign tourists have been flocking to India, fueling the...

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