Brush Stroke

Orange Beach, AL

Your Guide to the Best Amusement Park 


This park takes golfing to the next level with its 18-hole courses & a five-story volcano that erupts, an exciting sight to witness with the whole family.

Adventure Golf

speed with Go Karting  


Hop into karts and enjoy a thrilling ride as you glide through curves, bumps & spins. 

Head to the Alligator Alley Arcade which offers more than 100 video & redemption games.


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

The Arcade  

Get into a Bumper Boat as you pick the target amongst your family                                                                

Bumper Boats 

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Kiddie Rides

So, if you’re visiting with toddlers, take them on a fun Tea Cup Ride or let them race at the Grand Prix Go-Karts .


If you’re visiting with your partner, this is the perfect ride to relax & enjoy some quality time together. 

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