Top-Rated Attractions  In Phoenix

Phoenix’s dry, warm climate is a draw for sun-lovers and winter travelers who want to escape the cold and snow.

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden, located in Papago Park is a stunning complex that blends art and nature. The gardens are dotted with art installations, giving this space an additional dimension.

Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instruments Museum is the largest museum of its type in the world. It houses a collection of over 6,800 instruments, from nearly 200 countries and territories.

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum, Phoenix, dates back to 1929 and is dedicated to the culture and art of the Southwest Indian peoples.

Hiking trails around Phoenix

Walking through the desert can be a great way to spend an afternoon or a  whole day. Phoenix has a wide range of trails that are suitable for all  levels of hikers.

South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park/Preserve is a Phoenix city park that covers over 16,000 acres. You can enjoy hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking

Papago Park

Papago Park is located in the southeast corner of the city. This park is  great for anyone looking for fun activities in Phoenix.