Bizzare Meats Americans Eat

Rattle Snake Meat

In Southwest USA, rattle snake meat is delicacy. Its even available in sausage, Jerky and Pattie forms for easy consumption. All top retails chains like Walmart have it, also its available on Amazon. can’t wrap my head around it. Definitely Bizarre! I am not happy.

Alligator Meat

When Louisiana had to deal with gator menace, it thought its best to eat through the problem. Aligator meat is definately of of the bizzarest meats eaten in USA. Also avialable on Amazon. We don’t recommend it though.

Dehydrated Tarantula

We found this on Amazon and cant take it out of our mind. Who in their right mind would wanna try it? Anyways you can buy it for your next adventure.

A What??? Scorpion meat !!! I hoped this would not be true but it is. Although, a high source of proteins, but so are eggs/chicken or even protein shake for that matter. Please don’t try this.

Python Jerky

What kind of a jerk in USA would try a python Snake jerky? Americans are adventurers and so is this. we found this on Amazon and we are definitely not gonna try it.