Things to Do in Waco

Waco, Texas is located in the middle of the Lone Star State. Although  it’s a smaller town than its southern neighbor Dallas or Austin has many  great attractions and activities.

Dr. Pepper Museum

As you stroll through downtown Waco’s Dr. Pepper Museum, you might be singing the Dr. Pepper song ” I’m a Pepper, You’re a Pepper ” The building’s exterior is just as fascinating as its interior.

Waco Mammoth National Memorial

It was home to Columbian mammoths in the Ice Age, long before Waco  became a prosperous Texas city. Waco Mammoth National Monument is a  fascinating place to visit because of the fossils and relics that have  been found in the area.

Waco Suspension Bridge

Waco Suspension Bridge

The iconic Suspension Bridge is a photo-worthy stop in Waco’s heart. It  was constructed in 1870, and is one the most prominent symbols of Waco.

Cameron Park Zoo

Cameron Park Zoo

For families, the Cameron Park Zoo is a highlight of Waco. The Cameron  Park Zoo is a natural habitat zoo. This means that the enclosures have  natural elements that mimic native habitats.

Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Any sports fanatic should plan a visit to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.  It is the only Hall of Fame dedicated exclusively to American sports,  boasting more than 6,000 pieces of memorabilia.