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Places to Visit in Miami

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#1 Miami Beach

Miami Beach is on an island off the coast of Florida. It is mainly isolated, linked to the mainland by numerous bridges.

#2 Vizcaya Museum & Garden

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are another must-see in Miami. The entire site measured 28 acres and was the opulent winter home of a pioneer industrialist, James Deering.

#3 Bayside Marketplace

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The Bayside Marketplace has to make an appearance when discussing Miami sightseeing attractions. It’s nothing more than a huge outdoor mall with over 150 tourist businesses and eateries.

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#4 Zoo Miami

The Zoo Miami is a fantastic opportunity for children to have a lot of fun. The zoo houses over 3000 species of wild animals, 40 of which are endangered.

#5 Wynwood Wall Street Art

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The warehouse has the unique feature of being covered with graffiti art. The rustic walls of the warehouse have now been transformed into stunning versions of the wall surrounding them.

Audio & Image Credit: pixabay