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Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador 




Chef Edinho Engel’s original creations have made this place a local favourite.                                                 


Chef Ricardo Si and his business partner Eliane Pinho have has made this a popular spot for red meat lovers.  

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Velho Espanha 

Reopened in 2017 after shutting down in 2012, this restaurant exudes an old-world charm. 


Another must-have here is the cured scallop, with tangerine, hedgehog emulsion, and okra seed.   

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Chef Tereza Paim has received recognition in and outside Bahia for her promotion of local cuisine.  

Casa     de Tereza

La Taperia 


Chef Jose Morchon and Juli Holler focus on using fresh ingredients and the place also has excellent music.  

So, start with the one that tempts you the most and get ready for an unforgettable dining experience. 

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