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The 10 Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador, Brazil

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Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador: Perched on Brazil’s South Atlantic Coast, Salvador is a beautiful city with a vibrant culinary scene. The city has multicultural influences including African, Indigenous, and European, and offers a variety of cuisines from across the globe.

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Whether you want to go on a romantic date at a waterfront restaurant serving delectable seafood or dig into the traditional Bahian cuisine in a casual setting as you hang out with your friends, this lively city won’t disappoint.

Food also has significance in Candomblé, a syncretic Afro-Brazilian religion where specific dishes are offered to various deities as a token of respect.

These dishes have found their place in the broader culinary culture of the place too.

Is the foodie in you already craving to explore the rich culinary scene of Salvador?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the best restaurants in Salvador, Brazil:-

Dive in!

Amado #1

Dig into a delectable meal as you enjoy a mesmerising view the All Saints Bay at this excellent restaurant. Chef Edinho Engel’s original creations have made this place a local favourite.

Try their signature grilled fish with cashew nut farofa or go for the duck magret with creamy polenta, asparagus, and passionfruit roti.

Another delectable option is the pressed cupim beef with egg on top, and cassava mousseline and caramelized onions in balsamic vinegar.

The elegant décor of the place adds to the experience.

Carvão #2

Craving some succulent steak?

Head to Carvão.

Located in the Chame-Chame neighbourhood, this place not only serves delectable steaks but has a menu inspired by American barbeque and seafood grilled over coals.

Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador

Chef Ricardo Si and his business partner Eliane Pinho have has made this a popular spot for red meat lovers.

Go for the canner smoked maxixe which goes well with beef and pork followed by the Angus prime rib that comes with two sides of your choice.

Wash it all down with the carrot swizzle drink (gin, sage syrup with cardamom, Sicilian-lemon & grilled carrot juice).

You can also try the octopus grilled over coals with hummus, baby carrot, tomatoes, and shallots. Excellent delicacies along with a cosy ambiance make it perfect for a memorable dining experience.

Velho Espanha #3

How about dining at a 100-year-old bar?

Reopened in 2017 after shutting down in 2012, this restaurant exudes an old-world charm. Chef Ariadne Maceió’s gourmet touch to dishes has made this a popular spot for foodies.

Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador
Get a cold beer to complement your meal.

The dishes are named after reference places of downtown. Some must-haves include Alegria dos Barris, which is smoked beef with banana puree, and Dique do Tororó which is broccoli Escondidinho.

What’s more?

Its outdoor seating area and great music add to the charm.

Manga #4

Experience a creative combination of rich flavours in Manga. Run by the couple Dante and Kafe Bassi, the restaurant focuses on using organic foods and use special in-house processes to serve creative and delectable dishes.

Visiting for breakfast?

Relish one of their creative sandwiches such as crispy chicken with curd.

Dinner here includes options such as luscious crab soup with corn, celery, and mushrooms and beef crudo with grilled rib gelatin, potato crisps, and mustard pickles.

Another must-have here is the cured scallop, with tangerine, hedgehog emulsion, and okra seed. 

What’s more?

You can choose from a range of inventive cocktails to complement your meal.

Café e Cana Botequim #5

Planning to hang out with friends as you indulge in a scrumptious meal?

Head to this vibrant ‘boteco’ (no-frills bar) in the Carmo neighbourhood.

Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador

Try the crispy cod fritters or relish Baião de doido made with pumpkin, okra, and smoked tofu, which is a vegan take on the famous Brazilian dish Baião de dois.

They also have a variety of cocktails to choose from. The colourful interiors and friendly staff add to the experience.

Casa de Tereza #6

Casa de Tereza exudes an artsy vibe with beautifully painted tables and artfully decorated dining rooms, a treat to the eyes.

Chef Tereza Paim has received recognition in and outside Bahia for her promotion of local cuisine.

Begin with snacks like mix Baiano (a combination of the chef’s best bites, such as fish and feijoada fritters) followed by moqueca “Sinfonia do mar” which is made from lobster or octopus, shrimp, fish, crab, coconut rice, and farofa.

There is a variety of tempting dishes to choose from here.

La Taperia #7

Housed in an old mansion, La Taperia overlooks the sea and offers a range of delicacies, making for a memorable dining experience.

Chef Jose Morchon and Juli Holler focus on using fresh ingredients and the place also has excellent music.

Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador

Dig into the traditional “pulpo a la gallega”, “gambas al ajillo” and “croquetas” or go for the rump tail in strips with fresh mushrooms and cocoa nibs.

Make sure you leave room for dessert as their cheese mousse with red fruit compote is delicious.

The cosy ambiance with such delectable treats makes it a must-visit restaurant in Salvador.

Chez Bernard #8

Craving some French treats?

Chez Bernard will satiate your cravings. Established in 1963, it is the oldest French restaurant in the city.

Most Popular and Best Restaurants in Salvador
Chez Bernard

Relish classic steaks with bèarnaise, poivre, or bordelaise sauces, or dig into the succulent Moroccan lamb couscous.

Got a sweet tooth?

You can never go wrong with the stuffed French éclairs. The place adds a contemporary touch to classic French delicacies drawing many for an enjoyable dining experience.

What’s more?

You can soak in the stunning view of All Saints Bay as you relish your food.

Encantos da Maré #9

Delicious seafood and surreal views of the ocean make this one of the most popular restaurants in Salvador.

Seafood lovers throng the place for its delicious offerings including shrimp in tapioca batter, mashed cassava topped with curd cheese gratin, and broiled seafood platter.

If you’re a vegetarian, order Mota’s plantain stew. The stunning views of Todos os Santos Bay elevate the experience.

 Dona Mariquita #10

With décor inspired by Candomblé terreiros and dishes full of rich flavours, Dona Mariquita makes a great impression. 

If you wish to explore the rich heritage cuisine of Bahia, this is the place to visit.

Order jackfruit palm hearts, try the milk pudding with Áridã bean, or dig into coconut rice with shrimp and jerky sauce, there is something here for everyone.

A popular summertime option is peguari (fighting conch) served with cashew vinaigrette.

So, start with the one that tempts you the most and get ready for an unforgettable dining experience.

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Q. What is Salvador’s famous food?

One of the most popular food items in Salvador is moqueca (Brazilian seafood stew with fish broth and cassava porridge).

Q. What is the number 1 ranked restaurant in the world?

Geranium in Copenhagen is the number one ranked restaurant in the world.

Q. Does Salvador have McDonald’s?

Yes, the city does have McDonald’s.

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