MOAB : Plan Your Vacation in This Holiday Season

The land of Moab was one of the places where God renewed His covenant with the people 

Ruth’s account of Moab

Getting back to the basics, the Book of Ruth describes a woman’s journey  to the land of Israel with her mother-in-law after her husband dies 

King Mesha’s rebellion

During the 9th century BCE, King Mesha, of Moab, rebelled against the  king of Israel. His rebellion took place when Ahab was still alive, and  Jehoram was on the throne of Israel. 

King Balak’s curse on the Israelite

During their sojourn in Moab, the Israelites came across a prophet called Balaam. Balaam was a pagan prophet 

Having established a covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai, God renewed  His commitment to the Hebrews at Moab before they entered the Promised  Land.