Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Missoula, Montana

Garnet Ghost Town

The Visitor Center has books, memorabilia and cards, as well as a variety of interpretive signs. The town is accessible all year

The “M” Trail 

A Missoula visit is incomplete without a hike. There are hundreds of acres and mountains to explore in the city. Missoula’s “M” Trail is only one of many hiking opportunities 

Caras Park 

Caras Park, which is located on the Clark Fork Riverfront trail, is the city’s central outdoor space. There are hundreds of events held here each year.  

Montana Snowbowl 

Montana Snowbowl, an outdoor activity center that also offers lodging, is located just outside Missoula, Montana. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy the excellent slopes 

Historic Wilma Theater 

The historic Wilma Theatre was opened in 1921 and has been Missoula’s main cultural venue since then. This eight-story structure was built by William Simons 

Missoula Downtown 

Missoula has many fun activities such as boutique shops, art galleries and restaurants. There are also a number of music venues. The Trailhead is a great place for outdoor gear shopping. 

Fort Missoula Historical Museum 

In 1975, the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula was founded to preserve the city’s frontier history.