Memorial Presbyterian Church: A Prestige Of Glorious Church 

Located at 32 Sevilla Street, this church was constructed by American industrialist Henry Morrison Flagler in 1889. 

It features hand-carved Santo Domino mahogany, terra cotta frieze work by Italian artists, and a copper dome. 

Designed in the Second Renaissance Revival style, the Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida 

A marble mausoleum was erected on the grounds. During the Civil War, the Union army used the church for military purposes. 

The sanctuary has a magnificent copper dome. Its stained glass windows include articles of the Apostles’ Creed. 

The church was constructed by Henry Morrison Flagler in 1889, and it is dedicated to his daughter Jennie Louise Benedict. 

Memorial Presbyterian Church is a landmark structure that was built in the late 1880s by American industrialist Henry Morrison Flagler. 

The building is in the Venetian Renaissance Revival architectural style, and the interior woodwork is hand-carved Santo Domino mahogany.