La Puente is a great place to go if you are looking for outdoor and culinary adventures in the United States. 

Beautiful Places to visit in La Puente


This park has fields and wooded areas. It also includes a basketball court and a baseball diamond. 

Rimgrove Park


Chris’s Burgers serves American classics that are enjoyed by both locals as well as tourists. There are many burger options to choose from, so there’s a burger for everyone. 

Chris’s Burger

The dance floor is enhanced by the mirrored walls and neon lighting. El Palacio Restaurant & Night Club is a great place to spend a fun night with friends. 

El Palacio Restaurant & Night Club

The building, which is an example of programmatic architecture and is shaped like two large donuts, 

The Donut Hole

We want to be devoted to prayer and to the ministry in the Word. Our passion is to equip believers in ministry until we all reach maturity in Christ. 

Hacienda Christian Fellowship