Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Commerce, Georgia

Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Commerce, Georgia 

Atlanta Dragway

Atlanta Dragway is a great sports venue that allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends while you watch drag cars race.

Funopolis Family Fun Center

At Funopolis Family Fun Center you can enjoy indoor and outdoor climbing, or golfing, drive around the track on a go-kart to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Double Oaks Golf Club

You will enjoy playing on a beautifully maintained course, and the friendly staff will provide exceptional service.

Jaemor Farm

It is a family-owned farm covering 350 acres. You can find a wide range of homegrown and homemade produce, including peaches, green beans, squash, and fruit trees  etc.

Deer Trail Country Club

The nine-hole semi-private North Georgia golf course has undulating greens and rolling terrain.

Hurricane Shoals Park

At this park you will have the opportunity to see ancient buildings as well as enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. You will also learn about the history and sacred significance of this site for the Creeks and native Indians.

Red Hound Antique Market

This offers the chance to purchase some of the finest antique items. You will find a variety of merchandise for sale here.