Explore The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania


Churches of Moldavia  

The Churches of Moldavia are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They feature the rich artworks and frescoes of 15th and 16th century Romania.  

Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains in Romania  

The Dacian Fortresses of the Oratistie Mountains are one of the most impressive examples of military architecture from this ancient time.

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UNESCO's Historic Centre of Sighioara  

Historic Centre of Sighioara is the old historic center of the city. It was originally built in the 12th century by Saxon settlers. 

The Monastery of Horezu in Romania  

The Horezu Monastery is located in Romania and was founded in 1690 by Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu.

The Roia Montan Mining Landscape in Romania  

The Roia Montan Mining Landscape in Romania is a protected site that is in danger of being destroyed.

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Fortified Churches in Transylvania  



The history of the Transylvanian fortified churches dates back several centuries.