Ticket prices are relatively inexpensive, at around 3.80zl each, and there are plenty of local buses and taxis to get you there 

EXPLORE GDANSK : 7 Best Places To Visit In Gdansk, Poland

If you have time, you can take a stroll along the Ulica Dluga. There, you can also see the Tall spire. 

Old Town Gdansk

It tells the story of the war through three narrative blocks. A few rooms feature personal items from the war-era.  

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk

Visitors will learn about the history of the Solidarity movement in Poland, as well as the factors that led to its formation.  

The European Centre for Solidarity in Gdansk

In addition to being a beautiful oasis of green, Oliwa Park also features a Japanese-style botanic garden and other English-Chinese touches. 

Oliwa Park in Gdansk

The area was heavily damaged by the Second World War, but most of the houses were restored and are worth visiting. 

Dluga Street in Gdansk

This is an ideal place for a spa break. The interior is decorated with paintings of Mary and a monk. It is the centre of social life in Gdansk. 

Archikatedra Oliwska in Gdansk

 The chapel of the Gdansk Cathedral contains a replica of Memling’s The Last Judgment. 

St. Mary’s Church in Gdansk

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