Bhutan Trekking: The Druk Path Trek

 Druk Path Trek experience gives you a glimpse of Bhutanese trekking. It includes what you will experience each day, difficulty, packing and organizing a Bhutan trek, as well as what to expect from a winter trip.

Trans Bhutan Trail: New Trekking Route in Bhutan

Trans Bhutan Trail: New Trekking Route in Bhutan

In April 2022, the Trans Bhutan Trail will be open to the public. This allows pilgrims, locals and travelers to retrace their steps along this historic trail. The Trans Bhutan Trail's total length is 403km/250 miles.

What to Expect on a Bhutan Trek?

1. Ta Dzong to Jele Dzong Temple for Tshokam

2.Tshokam to Janytscho to Simkotra Lake

3.Simkotra Lake to Labana Pass, Phajoding Monastery

Bhutan Trekking Conditions and Difficulty Level

Given its length, altitude and inclines, we would give the Druk path Trek a medium difficulty rating. It is important to be comfortable with or prepared for steep, uphill climbs at a moderately high altitude.

The Best Time to Trek in Bhutan

When the rhododendron trees and bushes are in bloom, the spring months of April or May are the best time to trek in Bhutan. Because it is dry, warm, and clear, September, October, and early November are good times to trek.