Best Things to do at Sea Life Park 



Swim with the Dolphin

Sea Life Park is one the best places to swim with dolphins in Oahu. 


Hold a starfish at the Touch Pond

A favourite choice amongst children, the Touch Pond allows visitors to  touch sea creatures such as starfish, urchins, and even baby turtles. 


Witness Fascinating Shows 

You can watch dolphins perform awesome tricks and learn about their names and family history at The Dolphin Show.  


Dive into the world underwater in a special lagoon and meet curious sting rays, as they swim around.  

Snorkel with sting rays at Reef Encounter

Flight Path


Feed bird      

Watch birds of different colors flock to you as you offer them birdseed. 

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Don’t forget to click some great pictures with these exquisite creatures. 


Meet Sea Lions 

Interact and feed Sea Lions as you learn more about their habitat and nature. 

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