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08 Best Things to do at Sea Life Park, Hawaii for an Unforgettable Experience

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Swimming with dolphins, feeding birds, meeting sea lions, and witnessing the hula dancers groove to the beats, the Sea Life Park in Hawaii offers all this and much more for an incredible outing. 

This marine mammal park and bird sanctuary is a hidden gem in the islands, helping visitors have interactive experiences with marine animals to understand marine life & ecosystem.

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The Sea Life Park also hosts Ka Moana’s Luau, one of the topmost Luaus of the island with stunning views of the island’s coastline and Rabbit Island. 

So, if you’re looking for some family-friendly fun, head to this incredible place and bring home some special memories.

Here’s a list of some of the best activities to do at Sea Life Park, Hawaii.

#1 Swim with the Dolphins 

The idea of swimming with dolphins all around seems surreal. Sea Life Park is one the best places to swim with dolphins in Oahu. Under the guidance of trainers, you can swim with them and also learn about Dolphin habitat, physiology, and conservation. 

Swim with the Dolphins 

Visiting with little ones? 

Three-year-old kids can get waist-deep in water and interact with the dolphins. Others can go swimming and even feed the dolphins.

 If you’d rather not get into the water, you can also interact with dolphins from the boundary.

Don’t forget to get some great pictures clicked and tick this off your bucket list.

#2 Hold a starfish at the Touch Pond 

A favourite choice amongst children, the Touch Pond allows visitors to touch sea creatures such as starfish, urchins, and even baby turtles.

Hold a starfish at the Touch Pond 

You can even hold some of them in your hands. There’s also an area where kids can crawl in and feel like they’re swimming with the fish. You can also feed the bigger fish out of your hands.

The experience is truly pleasant to witness these beautiful marine creatures up close.

This Sea Life Park is filled with many such exhibits for an enjoyable outing.

#3 Witness Fascinating Shows 

The park hosts plenty of interesting shows. You can watch dolphins perform awesome tricks and learn about their names and family history at The Dolphin Show.

The Dolphin Show

These intelligent creatures will leave you surprised at what they can do! There are also amazing shows with sea lions and penguins.

If you wish to learn more about Hawaiian marine systems, there’s a show about Hawaiian seaweed and how the sea lions came to Hawaii.  

Fascinated by sharks?

You can witness a trainer feed sharks in the gigantic aquarium. How exciting is that!

#4 Snorkel with sting rays at Reef Encounter

Dive into the world underwater in a special lagoon and meet curious sting rays, as they swim around. The lagoon has whitetip reef sharks and reef fish which you can interact with.

These graceful Hawaiian reef fish are gentle & friendly marine creatures.

This activity is great for families looking for a quintessential snorkelling experience on the islands.

#5 Feed birds

Watch birds of different colors flock to you as you offer them birdseed. This is a special experience for kids to meet some feathery friends up close. You can also find some endangered birds in this beautiful bird sanctuary.

Don’t forget to click some great pictures with these exquisite creatures. 

#6 Meet Sea Lions 

Interact and feed Sea Lions as you learn more about their habitat and nature. Watching how these wonderful creatures act is a treat.

Meet Sea Lions 

Make sure to include this in your list of activities as you’ll have a fun and educational experience. 

#7 Watch a penguin ‘fly’

Imagine meeting penguins in Hawaii! Get up close to the Humboldt penguins and watch these flightless birds ‘fly’ through the water.

Watch a penguin ‘fly’

Just witnessing their smooth moves is such a wonderful sight.

#8 Attend the Sea Life Park Hawaii Luau 

Considered of the best luaus in Hawaii, attending the Ka Moana Luau makes for a perfect evening out with the entire family. You’ll see hula dancing, fire-knife dancing, learn how to make your own lei, take ukulele lessons, and much more.

Attend the Sea Life Park Hawaii Luau 

You’ll come home learning about the vibrant traditions of Hawaii and Polynesia.

What’s more?

The dinner is delectable which makes this evening under the stars truly worth it. If you get tickets to the Lau, you’ll get free entry into the Sea Life Park. So, if you’re on vacation and a luau is on your list, you can opt for this to get an additional complimentary experience. 

Sea Life Park has such a plethora of exhibits and attractions that you can easily spend your whole day here. So, get your inquisitive spirit on and explore the majestic world of marine animals & exquisite birds in this fascinating park. 

Stay tuned for more insights to plan your next getaway!


Q. What animals are in Sea Life Park Hawaii? 

You can find Green Sea Turtles, Penguins, Sharks, Stingrays, Sea Lions, Hawaiian Monk Seal, reef fish, and many more creatures in this Park. 

 Q. How long does it take to walk through Sea Life Park, Hawaii?

It usually takes a couple of hours to explore all the attractions in Sea Life Park. If you don’t have that much time on your hands, you can tour around in two hours, witnessing the attractions that you like the most.

 Q. What to do at Sea Life Park, Hawaii?

From swimming with dolphins, meeting sea lions, and feeding birds to attending a luau, there is an array of things to do at Sea Life Park for a fun day out. 

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