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Washington State 

Best Religious And Sacred Places 


The construction of this Gothic-style cathedral, built in the 20th century, began in 1907 but was not completed until 1990.  

Washington National Cathedral

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land 


Guided tours can be arranged for those who want a deeper experience. The tours last about an hour, and they are free. 

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner


This all-season resort in the scenic Methow Valley is excellent for a family holiday or a romantic weekend with your loved one.  

This lodge perched on the bluff above the thunderous Snoqualmie Falls has plenty of incredible offerings.  

Golden Lotus Temple  

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

The church is multigenerational and offers classes, programs, concerts, service projects, and many other activities.  

National Presbyterian Church  

Fazl Mosque, located near the White House and several embassies, opened seven years before the Islamic Center of Washington.  

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