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Best Places to Live in Tacoma, Washington


Puget Creek Natural Area, there is an array of outdoor activities to enjoy here, from hiking .

North End

New Tacoma


Housing options here are slightly pricier than the city average but if budget is not a constraint, go for it.   


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

East Side

The area is abundant in parks that highlight the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, offering plenty of outdoor activities to indulge in from hiking, dog-walking .

If you love an active lifestyle, the area features the Dash Point State Park, Norpoint Center, and Lighthouse Park offering a host of outdoor recreation activities.

Northeast Tacoma         

Palm Tree
Palm Tree


Central may be the place for you. It runs from 6th Avenue to WA-16 and features historic homes and tree-lined streets.


You’ll find many gated communities including the stunning Salmon Beach.                                                   

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