You Should Explore In Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Missouri

. The Cathedral Basilica contains the largest mosaic collection in the Western Hemisphere 

The mosaics are imbedded into the marble floor and ceiling of the cathedral. They depict the stories of the Bible. The mosaics were originally created by the Ravenna Mosaic Company.  

The mosaics were then designed by Tiffany Studios. The mosaics were originally created by 20 different artists. These artists worked for many years on the mosaics.  

Great Upper Church of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is a place of private prayer. It was donated to the cathedral by members of the laity. 

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is a beautiful example of Romanesque and Byzantine architecture. It is a Catholic church that is open to all. It is a must see for visitors to Saint Louis. 

The mosaics in the cathedral are the largest in the world. They cover 83,000 square feet of interior space. There are over 41.5 million pieces of glass tessaree pieces 

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is the Mosaic Museum. This museum displays the history and design of the Cathedral’s mosaics.