La canada Flintrdge

The area was known during Spanish and Mexican times as Rancho La Canada. The area was called Flintridge before it was incorporated on November 30th 1976.


Descanso Garden

Descanso Gardens features a large selection of fruit trees including peach, pear and crabapple as well as fruits of the genus Prunus, grapes, passionfruit, and orange.


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

While the primary purpose of the laboratory is to construct and operate planetary robotic spacecrafts, it also conducts Earth orbit and astronomy missions.


Enchanted: Forest Of Light

Enchanted Forest of Light is generously sponsored by: . Anonymous Erin and Richard Atwater Sue Beatty.


Boddy House

This former home of Elias Manchester Boddy (a self-made millionaire Museum, La Canada Flintridge, California) is now the Boddyhouse .


Regal UA La Canada

Basic theater with stadium-style seating & snack bar, showing new releases & discounted matinees.


Cherry Canyon Park

This is a small mountain range located east of the Verdugo Mountains, and south of San Gabriel Mountains in La Canada Flintridge.