The area was a popular agricultural site that was dominated by Portuguese and Dutch farmers in the early 20th centuries. It is now a well-known shopping area. 

Beautiful Places to Visit in Artesia


Park providing athletic fields, a playground & a recreation center with a full schedule of classes. 



Artesia Park

It is located opposite the Old Fire Station #30, which together with the museum are a popular destination for school field trips. 

Artesia Historical Museum


 They have maintained this tradition throughout the years. It supports the Artesia D.E.S. Soccer Club. 



Artesia Portuguese DES Hall

Public skating is the simplest. Anyone can rent a pair of skates and skate at their own pace during the designated times.  

East West Ice Palace


Their lasagna and bolognese are two of the most popular dishes. The best quality appetizers, salads and desserts are made with freshest ingredients. 


La Tavolata