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Best 06 Attraction of Jurassic Park Hawaii islands 



Jurassic Adventure Tour 

Driving your way in the classic open-air rainforest custom vehicle through bumpy tracks, 

Movie Sites and Ranch Tour 

You’ll also notice multiple film posters and props from movies and shows which have been filmed in Kualoa throughout time.  

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UTV Raptor 

Only the thought to ride an open-air multi-passenger UTV Raptor, can give you a thrill! Isn’t it ? 

Jurassic Valley Zipline 

A view of the utterly beautiful Kualoa Ranch from the top on a zipline is going to be one of the best adventures for you. 

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Biking around the wilderness can be one of the things many of you have in your bucket list.

Novice Rider E-bike Tour

Ocean Voyage Tour        


This is one of the most popular tours amongst families where you take an open-air bus to reach Secret Islands 


" The best part is, in the beginning, you’ll go through Moli’i fishpond, which is 800 years old and is a perfect depiction of ancient Hawaiian aquaculture.    "

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