Top Rated Tourist Attraction In Amsterdam, New York

The Rijksmuseum Art Collections

The Rijksmuseum (National Museum), Amsterdam’s most famous attraction, was established in 1798 to house the nation’s vast collection of rare and antiquities. It houses over a million cultural artifacts, dating back to the 13th century and up to the present day. 


Vondelpark, which covers 120 acres, is Amsterdam’s largest and most visited park. It is named after Joost van den Voindel, a playwright and poet from the 17th century. Each year it draws more than 10,000,000 visitors.

Dam Square 

Dam Square is a tourist hot spot in Amsterdam. Its most notable feature is the 17th century Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palace),, which was once home to the Dutch royal family. Today, it hosts royal functions.


Jordaan, also known as the District of the Working Class, is one of Amsterdam’s busiest areas. A short walk through Jordaan will make your day. There are many antique shops, art galleries, and fantastic bars and restaurants.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam 

Formerly known as the Town Hall, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam ( Koninklijk Paleis van Amsterdam ) is the King’s residence while he’s here. The construction of the structure was a huge undertaking that required the sinking 13 659 piles.

I Amsterdam 

Without a photo taken with these iconic letters, a visit to Amsterdam is incomplete. This picture is a must-have for any trip to Amsterdam. Tourists love to take photos of these letters located behind the Rijksmuseum museumplein

National Monument

The National Monument, a stunning 22-meter-high obelisk was built on the opposite side to The Dam. It was erected as a monument for the victims of the Second World War and as a symbol of Liberation.

The Oude Church #8

The Oude Kerk is Amsterdam’s oldest remaining structure. It was built in 1213 as a parish church and consecrated 1306. This magnificent church is located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.