Located in Riverside County, California, Hemet is the 89th largest city in the state. 


Amazing Places To Visit In Hemet, California

Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre  

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The Ramona Bowl boasts a plethora of special events including a holiday festival. 

Western Science Center  

The center also hosts events and summer camps.                                                                                                     


Hemet Museum 

Located in Hemet, California, the Museum is a museum with a variety of items and artifacts from the past. 

Hemet Museum

Fingerprints Youth Museum  

The museum is also a gateway to other educational venues in the Hemet-Mesa area. 

Los Vaquero's Mexican Grill 


The restaurant features a business casual dress code. 

Hemet Public Library 

Located at 300 East Latham Avenue, the Public Library has a lot to offer its citizens.  

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