Pico Rivera, a city with 63,000 residents is located in Los Angeles County. It is located 11 miles from Los Angeles.  

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You will be delighted (and proud) to hear that the museum's docents are happy to answer your questions.  

Pico Rivera History & Heritage Museum


Pico Rivera Sport Arena, which is well-known for hosting music and rodeos, is another great place to go if you’re looking to enjoy a show.  

Pico Rivera Sports Arena offers a great show

“Pico Rivera Towne Center is close by so you know you won’t be disappointed in the town’s shopping and dining scene.  

Pico Rivera Towne Centre


There’s also a snack bar available so you can grab a bite and sit down on one of the many benches or the ground to soak in the California sun.” 

Rivera Park

“The facility is amazing, so make sure to pack your picnic baskets! Although the park is open all day, certain activities and facilities are closed at specific times. 

Rio Vista Park

Cinepolis Cinemas Pico Rivera’s best multiplex where you can catch the latest movies. You can watch 4DX movies in this multiplex, which is very popular with kids. 

Cinepolis Cinema

"Their other beverages and confectionery are equally delicious - mango strawberry fresca, guava-cheese pie, and many more. 

Tierra Mia Coffee