5 Amazing Places To Visit In Fort Worth, Texas

If you’re looking for something a bit different, consider going to one of the city’s many theaters.

Fort Worth Stockyard

The area is now nearly 100 acres in size and has been transformed to be one of Fort Worth’s largest tourist attractions.

Sundance Square

A large square with seating and fountains that also houses a stage and used for live concerts and entertainment.

Fort Worth Water Garden

While water slides down sheer walls into a serene, blue pool, the area is tranquil.

Sid Richardson Museum

Some are idealistic, romantic or even fun. Others only show its harsh realities.

National Cowgirl Hall of Fame & Museum

. These include Annie Oakley, Kay Whittaker (Sandra Day O’Connor), Sacagawea Mary Jane Colter, Mary Jane Colter, Liz Cheney, and Sandra Day O’Connor.