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 Local Dishes You Must Try In Jakarta, Indonesia


This fried duck dish is tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on its exterior.                                                                                             

Bebek Goreng

Ayam Penyet      


It refers to the method by which the chicken is pressurized with a pestle to make it more tender. 


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner


The Indonesian pecel can be referred to either a fragrant peanut sauce, or a mixture of the sauce with various vegetables. 

It is a popular staple in Indonesian cuisine, and many people enjoy it at least three times per week. 


This dish is an authentic representation of Indonesian street food and has been around since the 16th Century. 


Sop Kaki Kambing 

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

This dish usually contains beef or chicken skewers and is served with plenty of rice.

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