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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Wichita

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Wichita is the largest city of Kansas. It has a unique blend of western culture, history, and nature. The city has seen a new wave of modernization over the years with many unique landmarks and contemporary museums as well as community revitalization.

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From an old west trading post, Downtown Wichita is now a bustling city. There are many things to do in Wichita, including 33 museums, 22 attractions and eight shopping districts.

Keeper of the Plains

Keeper of the Plains

The Keeper of the Plains is a stunning tourist attraction in Wichita. It is a steel sculpture measuring 44 feet tall that is especially impressive at night. It is located on sacred ground, where the Little Arkansas and Big rivers meet. The sculpture is surrounded by a plaza with benches and walkways.

Visit the Mid-America All-Indian Center if you are visiting during the day. It has historical information about the area and the Statue. Evenings are the best time to visit, as you can see the Wichita sunset against the backdrop of the Ring of Fire that is located below the Keeper of The Plains statue.

Address: 650 N. Seneca Street, Wichita, Kansas

Botanica Wichita

Botanica Wichita

Botanica Wichita is a popular place to visit in spring and summer, when over 150,000 tulips or daffodils are blooming in the gardens. There are more than 30 sections in this community garden located in Wichita.

The Butterfly House displays butterfly habitats. The Downing Children’s Garden has large, colorful statues that are among the trees, flowers, and shrubs. These gardens are very popular. Botanica Wichita decorates 18 acres of its gardens with one million lights during the holidays.

Address: 701 Amidon Street, Wichita, Kansas
Official site: https://botanica.org/

Sedgwick Zoo

Sedgwick County Zoo is a top thing to do in Wichita. There are more than 3,000 animals here. It is easy to explore the zoo, since the animals are placed in areas that are geographically located on the grounds.

These exhibits allow you to see the hippopotamus, lowland gorillas, and grizzly bears of the Africa region. You can also view the penguins at the Cessna Penguin Cove. You can also meet a zookeeper at the elephant exhibit and ask them questions during feeding time.

Address: 5555 W. Zoo Blvd., Wichita, Kansas
Official site: https://www.scz.org/

Museum of World Treasures

Museum of World Treasures

The Museum of World Treasures offers a unique opportunity to go on a scavenger hunting through history. The Museum of World Treasures houses a large collection of artifacts from various ancient civilizations, as well as information about countries all over the globe. The museum also features sections about military history and world civilisations.

Three floors are like a time capsule. You can see fossilized bones of Ivan the T. Rex, religious art from Asia and an exploration into royal families. Check out the event calendar to find out if there is a chance to meet a curator during your visit.

Address: 835 E. 1st Street North, Wichita, Kansas
Official site: http://www.worldtreasures.org/

Arkansas River Bike Path

Arkansas River Bike Path

The Arkansas River Bike Path offers a beautiful way to view downtown Wichita while you bike or walk along the Arkansas River. The 10-mile paved, multi-use, multi-use trail runs alongside the river. It passes the All-American Indian Center and Cowtown as well as the Keeper-of-the-Plains statue. For easy navigation and parking location, you can download a trailmap from Wichita Parks and Recreation Department to your smartphone.

If you’re looking for a way to spend some time outside, there are more than 125 greenways in the city and 26 miles of bicycle trails.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

One of Wichita’s most unique attractions is the Tanganyika Wildlife Park. You can enjoy wild animals like alligators and giraffes in an open area at the park. These animal encounters will be different than those at the zoo. The park is committed to conservation and preservation.

Interactive experiences include swimming with penguins, sunset tours, and painting with baby leopards.

Address: 1000 S. Hawkins Lane, Goddard, Kansas
Official site: http://www.twpark.com/

Old Cowtown Museum

The Old Cowtown Museum allows you to step back in the Wild West. You can feel the frontier era when you walk on the dirt roads of the 1870s village. You will find everything from clothing to period tools as you tour the 54 historical replica buildings.

This replica town allows you to see the life and times of early Wichita settlement. Cowtown is home to many attractions, including a buffalo hunter trading area and costumed interpreters. There are also blacksmiths on hand, as well as cowboy gunfights that occur every day in Cowtown.

Address: 1865 W. Museum Blvd., Wichita, Kansas
Official site: http://www.oldcowtown.org/Pages/default.aspx

Exploration Place

The Exploration Place allows you to dive into the past of the cowboy and to see Kansas in miniature. Science and discovery center offers hands-on exhibits to explore how things work in our bodies and homes, but also unique exhibits that focus on the American West and Kansas.

You should plan to attend one of the shows in the Dome Theater or Planetarium, or take in one the live science shows.

Address: 300 N. Mclean Blvd., Wichita, Kansas
Official site: http://exploration.org/

Wichita Art Museum

The Wichita Art Museum, located on the banks of the Missouri River, is Kansas’s largest art museum. You will find one of the most important collections of American art in America as you stroll through the galleries. The museum features extensive displays of American art, including sculptures, paintings, and even glasswork.

It is well worth your time to visit the Art Garden surrounding the museum. It is open to the public 24 hours a days and features 13 outdoor sculptures and flowering plants. Stop by The Muse cafe for a delicious lunch or snack made from locally grown ingredients.

Address: 1400 W. Museum Blvd., Wichita, Kansas
Official site: https://www.wichitaartmuseum.org/

Kansas Aviation Museum

Kansas Aviation Museum

You will love Wichita if you are an aviation fan. This Art-Deco-inspired building was once the terminal of Wichita Municipal Airport. It was one of the busiest US airports during the 1940s. The museum contains unique aircraft, archives, historical information, and the Kansas Aviation Hall of Fame.

For a unique view, you’ll want to make your way up to the control tower. You can have a day full of aviation themed fun by driving to Stearman Field restaurant. Here you can enjoy a meal and watch the planes fly past the restaurant.

Address: 3350 South George Washington Boulevard, Wichita (Kansas).
Official site: http://kansasaviationmuseum.org/

Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House

Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House is one example of Wright’s unique work. Wright designed this house in the prairie. By blending the outside and the inside, the Allen House demonstrates Wright’s genius through the precise placement of windows.

The living room has floor-to-ceiling windows and a grand backyard fountain. A small museum is located across the street that provides a detailed history and explanation of Wright’s work. You can visit the museum from anywhere, but to see inside the home you will need to sign up for a guided tour.

Great Plains Nature Center

It’s unlikely that you would find a wildlife conservation center in urban Wichita. But the Great Plains Nature Center is. It is a wonderful place to visit to learn more about Kansas’ wildlife and natural elements.

After you have enjoyed a walk on the paved trails, take advantage of the bird-watching opportunities available at the center. The Koch Habitat Hall teaches you about Kansas’ grass prairies and wetlands. You can visit the glass wildlife observatory where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the wetlands at Chisholm Creek Park.

Address: 6232 E. 29th Street N., Wichita, Kansas
Official site: https://gpnc.org

Old Town Wichita

Old Town Wichita

Old Town Wichita, a part of the town, is worth a visit. It is home to many old-fashioned shops, boutiques and restaurants, which reflect a more retro side of the city. The Arcade, which houses dozens of retro games from the 1980s to the 1990s, is a highlight of Old Town. You can browse unique gift shops by strolling to the Old Town Square.

Official site: https://www.oldtownwichita.com

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