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Fort Lee: Top rated 7 Best Historical Places to visit in Fort Lee, NJ

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"Fort Lee, New Jersey's most urbanized and beautiful city, is located within Bergen County. It is a historic city that was credited with the participation in the 1776 Battle of Long Island. Palisades Interstate Park Commission, which is open to tourists visiting Fort Lee, is a must-see."

This city also has many iconic landmarks such as the George Washington Bridge. Fort Lee also has many museums. Flat Rock Brook Nature Center and Ross Dock Picnic Area are just a few of the attractions that you should check out.

Best time to visit Fort Lee

"August-October: The time is the peak season to Visit Fort Lee. This observation has been rightly made. The temperatures range from 32℉ and 91℉, and the humidity has been observed at a typical of 79% making it the ideal climate for going out."

Historical Places to visit Fort Lee

"Are you planning to visit Bergen County soon? Here's a list with the top things to do at Fort Lee, New Jersey."

Palisades Recreation Area #1

"Palisades Recreation Area in Edgewater, New Jersey allows you to escape into the wilds of nature while still being close enough to the city. The park covers 2,500 acres (1.011.7 ha) of Hudson River shoreline, uplands and cliffs."

Historical Places to visit in Fort Lee
Palisades Recreation Area

This is the ideal spot to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors while also enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, fishing, camping, and more. It’s only minutes away from Manhattan’s Midtown Manhattan, so you don’t need to drive far.

Website:Palisades Park Recreation Area
Phone:+1 201-768-1360
Hours:8am–6pm (Daily)

Hazard Beach #2

"Hazard Beach is a popular spot for outdoor recreation along the Hudson River shores. You can fish, canoe, kayak, canoe, or just enjoy the natural beauty. It is located in the Palisades Interstate Park. You can even bring your jetskis and glide through the waves below the George Washington Bridge."

Historical Places to visit in Fort Lee

The name is not unusually dangerous, so don’t worry about it. The name actually comes from the Hazard Powder Company, an 1890s explosives company that was started by Colonel Augustus George Hazard.

Website:Hazard Beach

Fort Lee Historic Park #3

Fort Lee Historic Park, a picturesque cliff-top park located in Fort Lee, is nestled above the Hudson Palisades. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city from this park, including Burdett’s Landing.

From the park’s northern side, you can see the busy Manhattan skyline. This once-reignited war encampment is now a place for relaxation, unwinding, and enjoying the fresh air.

"Two trails are available in Fort Lee Historic Park for tourists who wish to exercise. The visitor center teaches visitors about the 1776 battle between British and American troops."

Website:Fort Lee Historic Park
Phone:+1 201-461-1776
Hours:10am–4:45pm (Wed-Sun)

Ross Dock Picnic Area #4

Fort Lee is home many scenic parks, including Ross Dock Picnic Area. This waterfront park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area while enjoying delicious snacks and beverages.

"Ross Dock Picnic Area is located in Henry Hudson Drive and offers a variety of picnic options that will make your experience unforgettable."

It offers beautiful views and has restrooms, picnic tables, grills, as well as restrooms. It also has a children’s play area where they can have fun playing and frolicking. It also has ramp access for adventure seekers who wish to go fishing or boating.

Website:Ross Dock Picnic Area
Phone:+1 201-768-1360
Hours:8am–10pm (Daily)

Fort Lee Museum #5

"Fort Lee Museum is a historic museum located in Fort Lee. It opened its doors to the general public in 1999. This fascinating museum is a great place to learn more about the history and Palisades Park."

Historical Places to visit in Fort Lee
Fort Lee Museum

The museum displays films and exhibits that portray Fort Lee’s past and culture. The Fort Lee Museum is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in filmmaking or old movies. This museum also has rotating exhibits that showcase different decades.

Phone:+1 201-592-3580

Constitution Park #6

Constitution Park is one of Fort Lee’s many historic and beautiful parks. It’s located on Fletcher Avenue and is home to the iconic Veteran’s Memorial.

"The Veteran's Monument, a sculpture which pays tribute to the 1776 fallen heroes and those who survived, is located in Fletcher Avenue."

It has vast green spaces and sports courts such as a track, softball field, and bocce court courts. Constitution Park has benches, gazebos that have seats and picnic shelters where you can sit, people-watch and rest.

Website:Constitution Park
Phone:+1 201-592-3500
Hours:9am–10pm (Daily)

George Washington Bridge #7

George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge, a suspension bridge with double decks that spans the Hudson River and is a picturesque landmark in Fort Lee, is located at this location. It connects Fort Lee to Manhattan. Its name is clear that it was named for George Washington, the first President of the United States. If you don’t take photos of yourself with the iconic landmark as a backdrop, your Fort Lee vacation will be incomplete.

FAQ: Historical Places to visit Fort Lee

What is Fort Lee NJ known for?

Home to almost 40,000 residents, Fort Lee is named for the site of an early American Revolutionary War encampment and is often recognized as the birthplace of the American film industry.

Is Fort Lee NJ a military base?

Fort Lee is the third largest training site in the Army it’s primary mission is to train sustainment Soldiers but it is not just a military base. It is also a community, a workplace and a home to military families.

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