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Plano: Top rated 7 Best Places to Visit in Plano, Texas

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Travel Attractions – Plano, Texas, USA

Plano is located in north Texas. Texas’ ninth-most populous city is located between rolling grasslands and prairies, and Dallas, right at the northern fringes. The city is home to over 250,000 people and continues to attract settlers who want a slower pace than what is offered in D-Town. There are plenty of things to do in the city.

Plano has everything, from delicious Texan barbecue joints and smoky Texas smokehouses to amazing heritage museums that tell the story of the railroad and the agricultural history of this region of the south. You can see why Plano is the sister city to Dallas. There are beautiful parks, great art houses, great walking trails, and top-quality shops. These are the top things to do in Plano.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

This beautiful nature reserve, which is located just 25 minutes from Plano’s heart, has a variety of wildflower meadows, buckthorn trees, and poison ivy thickets. It is the ideal place to explore the undiscovered parts of North Texas. This area boasts its own trail system with more than 3.8 miles of walkable paths that run through the backcountry.

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For families with children, there are playgrounds, a mountain biking track, lots of picnic spots, and a pavilion. Arbor Hills is a popular spot for dog walking, so bring your four-legged friends!

More Details About Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Address:6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093, United States
Contact:+1 972-941-7250

Heritage Farmstead Museum

Plano’s ancestral home is now one the most fascinating museums in the city. The site is described as a living museum because it preserves every detail of the daily lives of its inhabitants from the early 20th century. It reveals the details of wheat and sheep farming in the backcountry prairies, Texas, during the 1890s to 1930 period.

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Visitors can now explore the Farrell family’s outhouses and see the one-room schoolhouse that taught the North Texas country children. They also have the opportunity to learn about the stories of local firefighters and scouts in the temporary exhibits.

More Details About Heritage Farmstead Museum

Address:1900 W 15th St, Plano, TX 75075, United States
Contact:+1 972-881-0140

Lewisville Lake

Lewisville Lake, located to the north-west from Plano, is a wonderful place for boating and camping, as well as walking, or simply relaxing in the heat of Texas summer. During the summer, people flock to the banks from Plano and Dallas.

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They are eager to rent yachts or get a tan on grassy banks. You will find a lot of campgrounds and lodges in the area. There is also a number of lively marinas, which go from the quiet Eagle Point to the bars at Pier 121.

Los Rios Golf Club

The eastern edge of Plano is home to the premier 18-hole course in the area. The course was designed by Don January of Texas in the middle 1970s. It is a beautiful and challenging golfing destination.

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The club covers a staggering 6,507 yards. The public is welcome to play the course at the standard green fee rates, which vary each week or weekend.

More Details About Los Rios Golf Club

Address:1700 Country Club Drive Plano, TX 75074-3620
Contact:(972) 424-8913

Bob Woodruff Park

The Bob Woodruff Park is just one of the City of Plano’s trails, which runs through the city, offering glimpses of greenery, forestry, and connections to the larger Santa Fe Trail or Oak Point Reserve. The Bob Woodruff Park walking route takes you through beautiful lakes, and includes piers for fly-fishing, running tracks and picnic spots.

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There are also two pavilions that are very popular with local event organisers. For the little ones, there is a playground with swings, slides, climbing frames and more!

More Details About Bob Woodruff Park

Address:2601 San Gabriel Dr, Plano, TX 75074, United States
Contact:+1 972-941-7250

Dallas Vintage Shop

The Dallas Vintage Shop is unlike any other vintage shop you have ever seen. It stocks everything from multi-coloured umbrella gowns to kaleidoscopic tie dye to elegant 1920s suits, bombastic corsets, retro top hats, smoking jackets and retro petticoats. This sprawling boutique is located near Plano’s downtown.

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It is recommended that travelers take at least two hours to explore the many mounds of second-hand and custom goodies. There are many accessories and extras that can be added to your collection, including classic pocket watches and ties as well as purses and ties. You can wear fancy dresses!

More Details About Dallas Vintage Shop

Address:1855 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075, United States
Contact:+1 972-422-7256

Shawnee Park

Shawnee Park, a charming, little patch of greenery, is located just north of Plano’s city centre. It borders the Santa Fe Estates’ northern end. This park also houses one of Plano’s disc golf courses. Locals can play the Frisbee version.

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You will also find a number of lawns for relaxation, picnic spots, playgrounds, and a water fountain at the park’s center. The Shawnee Park Trail can be walked, which is a great way of seeing all these attractions in one day.

More Details About Shawnee Park

Address:3380 Sherwood Dr, Plano, TX 75074, United States
Contact:+1 972-941-7250

FAQs about Plano, Texas

What is Plano known for?

The City Like No Other.
It all started out as a quiet, rural farming community. Plano is now a well-known city for its smart people, great quality of life and strong job market. Plano is home for approximately 284,579 people, many Fortune 1000 companies, as well as more than 10,000 business.

Is Plano Texas a good area to live?

Niche ranked Plano as one of the top places to live in Texas. Plano residents enjoy a dense suburban lifestyle and many own their homes. Plano is home to many young professionals and families. There are numerous coffee shops, parks, and restaurants.

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