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Waco: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Waco, Texas

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Waco Texas Tourist Attractions

There is plenty to do and see in Waco, Texas. Visit the Waco Mammoth National Monument, a five-acre site where fossil remains of Columbian Mammoths, the cousins of the Woolly Mammoth, were discovered. This is the only Pleistocene mammoth herd ever discovered in the United States. Visit this site to see the bones of female and male mammoths and learn about the history of this region and its environment.

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For gourmet dining, try Buzzard Billy’s Cajun and Creole restaurant, with its deck that overlooks the Waco River. Or try the authentic Jerk Chicken at TruJamaica. If you’re looking for more down-home fare, visit Sascee’s Southern Style Eatery. Another good choice is George’s Restaurant, which is famed for its chicken fried steak. Pat Green wrote a song celebrating this restaurant’s chicken fried steak, so make sure you try the dish. While visiting Waco, take in the beautiful riverwalk, including the iconic Waco Suspension Bridge.

For literary lovers, the Armstrong Browning Library is a hidden treasure in Waco, Texas. Established in 1888, this library houses the largest collection of the English literary classics of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The library also hosts art exhibits and temporary exhibits on the lives of the prolific couple and those who knew them. The Library also prepares rare book and painting exhibits twice or thrice a year. If you can’t make it to the library, make sure to check out their website to find out upcoming events.

Magnolia Market at Silos #1

Waco’s Magnolia Market, located at the Silos, is a must-see. The television celebrities Chip Gaines (HGTV’s Fixed Upper TV Series) own the complex. You can spot the complex easily from any part of town because the silos are 120 feet tall and tower over many buildings.

Magnolia Market Complex is an upscale outdoor venue. It’s divided into sections that offer small shops in a village atmosphere, outdoor sitting spaces, a bakery, and a home-store inside a renovated grain barn.

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The Brazos valley Cotton Oil Company used to be located in this historic area back in the 1950s. The market area is being remodeled. The site itself is a tourist attraction where you can plan your day, shop, grab coffee, or simply sit on the patio next to the fireplace in comfortable chairs.

You can also rent space for families visiting the area to entertain your children, such as a softball pitch and cornhole games. The complex is home to food trucks and picnic tables, making it easy to grab a bite and stay awhile.

Waco Mammoth national monument #2

Before Waco became a vibrant Texas town, the area was a key location for Columbian mammoths at the Ice Age. Waco Mammoth National Monument makes a great place to visit due to the fascinating fossils and relics found there.

Two buildings serve as the National Park Service’s main building. These houses house information and artifacts discovered during archaeological digs. Because it is a working archaeological site, you can enjoy a suspended view of a dig site from one the climate-controlled buildings.

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Also, bones can be seen from animals that were found in the area during the Ice Age. These include animals like ground sloths and saber toothed cats.

In 1978, two men came across a bone along the Bosque river and discovered this site. Since then, efforts are underway to uncover and preserve one among the largest concentrations known of mammoths dating back to the Pleistocene Epoc.

There are many walking trails that can be found around the site. The Eagle Trail is the longest, at half-mile. You can also visit a dig site for kids to learn about the experience of finding fossils.

Waco Suspension bridge and Branding the Brazos Stone Sculpture #3

Waco’s famous Suspension Bridge as well as the Branding of the Brazos sculptures make for a memorable photo stop. The bridge was built in 1870. It is Waco’s most prominent symbol. It was the longest single-span suspension span bridge west of Mississippi when it was constructed.

Waco’s suspension span is amazing to see. It is notable for its architecture as well as the “Branding the Brozas” sculptures around the bridge’s entrance. Three cowboys and 25 calves drive in a dramatic and life-like cattle drive, as well as the tall sculptures.

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The suspension bridge is bordered by Indian Spring Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Park. These parks connect to Waco Riverwalk which follows the Brazos River. The suspension bridge can be viewed from below by the Waco riverwalk. The Riverwalk runs along both the river’s banks.

Armstrong Browning Library #4

Armstrong Browning Library, which was founded to study Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s lives and poems, is home to the largest collection of works from the famous literary couple.

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There are several exhibits about Brownings’ lives, as well as those of their family. The museum also has temporary exhibits that draw on their extensive collection of rare books, stained glass and artwork from the 1800s. The museum’s doors are open to the public at no cost. Visitors are welcome in the garden to take in the sights and browse the gift shop.

Dr Pepper Museum #5

Dr Pepper is the most well-known soft drink in America. It was first produced in Waco, Texas in 1880.

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This building was converted into the Dr Pepper Museum. Its goal is to preserve the history and share the wisdom of America’s soft-drink industry. Three floors of exhibits feature a wide variety of Dr Pepper memorabilia. The gift shop sells Dr Pepper merchandise, as well as soda bottled at the oldest and still-running manufacturing plant in America.

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