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Greenville: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Greenville, Mississippi

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Tourist Attractions in Greenville, Mississippi

The town of Greenville was settled in 1824 by William W. Blanton who applied for land from the United States government. Blanton was granted land in section four of township eighteen, range eight west. Now most of downtown Greenville is built on this piece of land. Despite the fact that the town was a mere few square miles, it has a long history. Listed below are some interesting facts about Greenville.

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There are 23 free things to do in Greenville, Mississippi. This includes 18 different types of inexpensive things to do, such as Bowling, Movie Theaters, and Specialty and History Museums. The Mississippi Delta, Warfield Point Park, and many other attractions are free to visit. Those planning to visit the town should plan their trip during the day. If you have children, make sure to bring them along as well. Also, make sure to take them with you if they are not old enough to walk around on their own.

Racial tensions in Greenville are ever-present, but they have improved moderately since the 1950s. While younger whites are more accepting, older whites still harbor varying degrees of racism. Middle-aged white parents discourage children from socializing with blacks. Although the town has made progress since the 1950s, there is still a large racial divide in Greenville. For instance, the older, upper class whites have a low tolerance for black people, while younger whites are more accepting.

Falls Park on Reedy #1

Falls Park on Reedy in Greenville is an amazing natural oasis that can be found right in the center of the city. It is also one of Greenville’s most treasured parks. This beautiful park is found in Greenville’s Historic West End. It provides a green, urban space for residents and visitors and is one among the top things you can do in Greenville.

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The park offers a variety outdoor and recreation activities for all ages. A variety of public art, sculptures, attractive stonework, as well as the Liberty Bridge (an architecturally beautiful walkway that overlooks the park, offer stunning views.

Visitors can enjoy 360-degree virtual tour of the park, take a walk on the Swamp Rabbit Trail which connects Falls Park with Cleveland Park, or just relax with a picnic hamper on the lawns.

Roper Mountain Science Center #2

Roper Mountain Science is a learning center that inspires curiosity in science.

Roper Mountain Science center is home of a number faculties, buildings, including a globearium, an arboretum and a living history farmer. It also offers a variety educational programs throughout the year including Science on Wheels, Starry Nights, and Summer Adventures. This is the place to be if you’re looking to find fun activities for kids in Greenville.

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A mile-long nature path winds through pine forests on either side of the center. There visitors can find a beautiful butterfly and invert garden as well as a pond filled full of aquatic and insects life. Picnics are also available along the trail.

Greenville County Museum of Art #3

The Greenville County Museum of Art (GCMA), is a nationally recognized art museum that is among the best in the country. It is also one of the most beautiful things you can see in Greenville. It primarily features American art, with a special emphasis on South Carolina-based or Southern-based artists.

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The museum is located in downtown Greenville at 420 College Street and Heritage Green. It has the largest public collection worldwide of watercolors from Andrew Wyeth. The museum’s well-known Southern Collection is a deep look into American art from colonial time to the present. It includes a variety of rare pieces, such as 1726 pastel portraits and Civil War views.

The Peace Center Greenville, South Carolina #4

The Peace Center is an internationally acclaimed cultural center in Greenville. The Peace Center features a 2,100-seat concert room, a 400 seat theater, and a state of the art amphitheater. It hosts more than 300 events each season, including nationally-acclaimed Broadway shows, classical music concerts, and international ballets.

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The center was constructed on a six-acre site and houses the Greenville Symphony Orchestra (Greenville Chorale), the Carolina Ballet Theater (South Carolina Children’s Theater), and the International Ballet. It has a patrons’ lounge, a variety of rehearsal and event space, as well as a variety of other organizations. Next read: South Carolina beaches & South Carolina resorts.

Greenville Glides #5

Greenville Glides allows you to enjoy a unique and enjoyable way of exploring Greenville: on a Segway. Segway tours can be booked year-round, seven days per week. They cover many parts of the city. The Historic West End Tour and Falls Park Tour will allow you to experience the vibrant energy of Greenville.

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The Haunted Segway Tour to Greenville provides a more eerie view of the city, as you travel through the haunted pathways of Springwood Cemetery and other buildings, hotels and mills along the Reedy River. Greenville Glides also offers bike rentals and tours. Reservations are required in advance.

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