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Henderson: Top 7 Places to Visit in Henderson, Nevada

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Attractions in Henderson

Henderson, Nevada’s second-largest city, is located at the southern edge of the famed World Capital of Gaming, Las Vegas. It has earned a reputation for being a laid-back suburb alternative to Sin City or the bright lights of the Strip.

There are many unique attractions, museums and shops in the city. Its neighborhoods are nestled between the towering hoodoos and rocky rises of Sloan Canyon and the Nevadan deserts. Its residents can be seen gliding between American diners that serve BBQ and the narrow trails of the canyon-cut hills. Gaming is also a major draw in Henderson.

You can see why people are moving from the northern megalopolis of neon-lit Las Vegas to enjoy the Hoover Dam and the seemingly endless recreational opportunities of Lake Mead (America’s largest reservoir), as well as a handful of excellent local breweries, whiskey houses and beautiful natural parks.

We’ve handpicked few attractions for your next trip to Henderson:

Lion Habitat Ranch

The Lion Habitat Ranch is a popular tourist attraction in Henderson. It has its own 8.5-acre enclosure, which is just a few steps from Henderson’s M Resort Casino.

Visitors can enjoy the company and affection of 40 lions, which is an ever-increasing number due to the addition of cubs. The site also offers guided tours and fact-filled walks that allow visitors to learn more about lions as well as their habitats.

If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to catch one of the famous ranch grooming sessions or feeding times.

More Details:

  • Address: 382 Bruner Ave, Henderson, NV 89044, United States
  • Contact:  +1 702-595-6666
  • Website: Lion Habitat Ranch

M Resort Casino

It wouldn’t be complete for this little sister to the legendary Sin City without a few flutters at the tables. The M Resort Casino is a beautiful, curvaceous casino located in Henderson’s south-eastern edge. This sprawling casino, hotel and wellness complex is located in the shadow of Sloan Canyon.

It offers all the excitement and relaxation of Vegas. You can expect one-armed bandits to be everywhere, spinning the roulette wheels and playing blackjack. There are also oodles of weekly jackpot giveaways. The rest is just the beginning. The M Resort is also a hot spot for restaurants and bars, artisan bake, cocktail bars, and chic hotel suites.

More Details:

  • Address: 12300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Henderson, NV 89044, United States
  • Contact:  +1 702-797-1000
  • Website: M Resort Casino

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Henderson’s extraordinary hiking destination has all the rugged, ochre-hued rock, toppling Hoodoos and dusty ridges of Vegas’s famous Red Rock Canyon. However, this one is much more unexplored than its wild counterpart to Nevada. Sloane Canyon’s eponymous canyon is worthy of special mention.

Many call it the ‘Sistine Chapel of Nevada’, a place that is known for its many petroglyph designs as well as rock carvings dating back to millennia. The entire area is connected by miles upon miles of managed walking trails, making it an ideal place to explore the scrublands or cacti-pepped backcountry via routes such as Hidden Valley and Dutchman Pass.

More Details:

Clark County Heritage Museum

The Clark County Heritage Museum is a fine introduction to southern Nevada’s people, culture, and heritage. It occupies 30 acres on the lower fringes Henderson city. The site is well-kept and maintained. It includes many historic buildings that date back to the time the Roberts family settled here in the early 1900s.

The whitewashed Candlelight Wedding Chapel is a highlight. It was rebuilt here after being used for numerous weddings on the Vegas Strip. Also, the Beckley House, built in 1912, is another draw.

You can also see the rusting remains of old locomotives (perfect for travelers interested in stories of the American railroad) and exhibits that chronicle the Indian peoples who once flourished between the desert lands which make up Clark County.

More Details:

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Henderson’s best birdwatching spot is nestled between the Nevada desert ridges, and the glittering high-rises on the Strip. This spot is a great way to discover the natural side to the city, and offers opportunities to view a wide range of wildlife.

You will often see pond turtles and slithering snakes. You can also find walking trails through the wetlands and many viewing points over the water to spot discreet birds. The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is best visited in summer, as it offers the largest variety of wildlife.

More Details:

Cowabunga Bay Water Park

This patchwork of water slides, winding waterslides and tubing rivers, is one of two Cowabunga Bay attractions in the US. It’s a great place to cool off when the heat of southern Nevada sets in. Visitors can find this park on Henderson’s northern fringe.

They have adrenaline-pumpting rides such as the Beach Blanket Banzai with its twisting rubber dinghies or the Point Panic, which features light shows and fast bursts of speed, and the Surf-A-Go-Go where riders are ricocheted through tubes and chambers while riding a rubber band.

More Details:

Las Vegas Distillery

The Las Vegas Distillery is one of the most famous parts of the Las Vegas Booze District, a collection of distillers and craft brewers. It also houses many of Sin City’s most famous whiskeys. There are a variety of whiskies available, including ryes and malts as well as complex multi-grain straight whiskeys.

You can also find interesting oat brews and blended black labels. It’s easy to see why this distillery is so worthwhile if you add in a warm and welcoming owner who is passionate about his craft.

More Details:

  • Address: 330 Eastgate Rd #100, Henderson, NV 89011, United States
  • Contact:  +1 702-629-7534
  • Website: Las Vegas Distillery

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