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Snellville: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Snellville, Georgia

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Mode of Transport

Snellville, a small town in Gwinnett County, is located 25 miles northeast from Atlanta. The area does not have a MARTA bus service, but there is a commuter bus which connects to the MARTA system.

Best Time To Travel

The hottest months are July and August followed by June. The hottest time of the year is usually from early to mid-August. Temperatures average around 91.9degF (33.3degC), with night temperatures seldom falling below 71.4degF (21.9degC).

Attractions in Snellville, Georgia

Snellville is located approximately 40 minutes from Atlanta’s downtown. It is located in Gwinnett County. The name New London was first given to it by two Londoners who had crossed the Atlantic from Great Britain.

Although Snellville is not as well-known as other American cities, you will be amazed at the many unique activities and places that can be found in this undiscovered area. Around the 1880s, New London was named Snellville in honor of Thomas Snell. They ran the store until 1960 when it was tragically destroyed by fire.

Snellville was granted its city charter in 1923. It has grown into a suburban community that is easily accessible to a variety of attractions. These are just a few of the best things to do around Snellville, Georgia.

Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Party Studio

Masterpiece Mixers welcomes all artists, regardless of whether they are a regular or new artist looking to learn a new skill. These evening events will provide you with all the information you need to determine if you are the next Picasso.

Image Credit : Facebook

You don’t need to bring anything but enthusiasm. Each session is led by a teacher who will guide you through the process of creating an artwork.

This is a relaxed way to spend a few hours. This can also be a great way to get to know the residents and find out why they love living in this area.

More Details About Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Party Studio

Website: Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Party Studio
Address: 699 Scenic Hwy S # 101, Snellville, GA 30078, United States
Contact: +1 706-362-0919

Briscoe Park

Image Credit : Facebook

Snellville Parks and Recreation has a range of programs for seniors, youth, and adults at T.W. Briscoe Park, and the Snellville Senior Center. Snellville’s Briscoe Park is a beautiful place to visit. It has two softball fields and four multi-purpose fields. There are also two indoor rental rooms and four outdoor open-air pavilions.

More Details About Briscoe Park

Address: 2500 Sawyer Pkwy Snellville, GA, US 30078
Contact: +1 770-985-3535

The Lincoln Fill Station and Home Brew

We are North Georgia’s premier destination for fine cigars and craft beer. In 2014, Brad Tomlinson opened Lincoln Fill Station on US78 in Loganville. They were looking for a place to serve craft beer.

Image Credit : Facebook

Lincoln Fill Station, which has more than 60 taps and a wide variety of packages in cans and bottles, has been a dream come true for craft beer lovers over the past year. Customers can now enjoy 32 ounces of beer in-store, thanks to a local ordinance that Brad helped to pass. For those who enjoy a good cigar and a stout, there’s a humidor available.

Recently, Eater sat down to discuss beer and Lincolns with Tomlinson. He also discussed his plans to continue to be a fixture in Georgia’s craft beer scene for many years.

More Details About The Lincoln Fill Station and Home Brew

Website: The Lincoln Fill Station and Home Brew
Address: 2280 Henry Clower Blvd, Snellville, Georgia 30078, United States
Contact: +1 (678) 580-1203

Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center

The first Georgian state-of-the-art therapeutic cave Serenity Salt Cave, is the Serenity Salt Cave. This cave is made from pink Himalayan salt. The walls are made from meticulously stacked bricks and boulders that were all placed by hand.

Image Credit : Facebook

Fiber-optic lighting highlights stalactites as well as illuminated bricks. These custom-made products also reveal the natural beauty of each salt element. Salt therapy elevates wellness to a whole new level. Salt therapy improves your overall health by removing negative charged ions.

Halotherapy’s calming and cleansing effects can help support your nervous, immune and lymphatic systems. Himalayan salt has a total of 84 natural components that our bodies can absorb. You can get away from technology, pollution and all the noises of daily life. This spectacular salt cave was created for special events.

This serene, tranquil environment is perfect for weddings, birthdays, and team building events. Salt therapy can be used to relax, rejuvenate and provide healing benefits for clients. This unique experience is great for all types of events.

More Details About Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center

Website: Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center
Address: 2447 Main Street, Snellville, GA, 3007
Contact: +1 678-585-1153

Lenora Park

Image Credit : Facebook

This loop trail is 2.9 km long and can be found near Snellville in Georgia. It is generally considered an easy route and takes on average 34 minutes to complete. The trail is ideal for trail running, road biking, and walking.

It’s not likely that you will meet other people while you explore. It is accessible all year round and can be visited anytime. You can allow your dog to visit the trail, but they must be kept on a leash.

More Details About Lenora Park

Address: 4515 Lenora Church Road, Snellville
Contact: +1 770.978.5271

Veterans Memorial

The Veterans Memorial is part of a small group of important structures located in central Snellville. It is just a few steps from City Hall, a mixture of red bricks and white Neoclassical stones.

This simple memorial, which is backed by a horseshoe-shaped wall with names, is dedicated to all those who died in the service of the United States. It is located on Towne Green and serves as a central point for residents of Snellville. It replaces the earlier eternal flame that was created to commemorate America’s involvement in Vietnam War.

More Details About Veterans Memorial

Website: Veterans Memorial
Address: 2342 Oak Rd SW, Snellville, GA 30078, United States

Snellville Farmers Market

Image Credit : Facebook

Snellville Farmers Market is located in the City Hall Parking Lot. It’s a vibrant place for people to get together. There are many vendors that offer a wide range of products, including traditional fruits and vegetables as well as artisan and gift items.

Between them, you will find handcrafted pottery and soaps made from local small-scale producers. You can find many stalls where you can grab a bite, with homemade pizzas being a favorite.

More Details About Snellville Farmers Market

Website: Snellville Farmers Market
Address: 2342 Oak Rd SW, Snellville, GA 30078, United States
Contact: +1 770-715-0729

FAQs: More Details About Snellville, Georgia

What is Snellville known for?

City Hall and Briscoe Park is the site of numerous events and festivals, including the award-winning Snellville Farmers’ Market, a variety of summer concerts, movies in the park and Snellville Days, the Snellville Fall Festival.

What is it like to live in Snellville GA?

Snellville, Georgia’s Gwinnett County, is a great place to live. Residents in Snellville enjoy a rural lifestyle and many of them own their homes. There are many parks in Snellville. Snellville is home to many families and young professionals. Residents tend to be liberal.

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