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Grovetown: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Grovetown, Georgia

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Travel Attractions – Grovetown, Georgia

Grovetown is located in Columbia County, Georgia. It is located in the Augusta metropolitan region and the Central Savannah River Area. This city has a family-friendly vibe that permeates every aspect of life. Visitors to Grovetown will be amazed at the city’s beauty and charm, from the annual Fourth of July Barbeque that celebrates the community to the “Lights of the South”, holiday light show that attracts tourists from all around the world.

Grovetown was once home to wealthy Augusta residents who lived in summer homes and trans-state railroad depots. It has also been home to a number of famous Southern Poets, including Paul Hamilton Hayne.

Grovetown Museum

Grovetown Museum has many artifacts, documents, and photographs that date back to 1808 when the Old Grove Baptist Church was founded. Charles Lord’s Grovetown Museum allows you to walk through a time capsule. It is comprised of four galleries that contain interesting artifacts as well as detailed exhibits about the Grovetown area. The museum is free to enter and is open all year.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

Grovetown Museum is located in Grovetown GA and promotes public education and research through its Museum collection. The Museum offers many opportunities for visitors to view Museum exhibits and attend Museum events. They also have access to Museum educational programs.

More Details About Grovetown Museum

Address:106 E Robinson Ave, Grovetown, GA 30813, United States
Contact:+1 706-396-4004

Patriots Park

Patriots Park is a multipurpose recreational facility, which is home to a variety of sports fields, parks and courts. The 1994 construction of the main gym and other facilities was the catalyst for this facility’s current existence. This facility serves primarily for team sports and recreational activities. Patriot’s Park & Bobby Waters Gymnasium are a one-stop shop for both residents and visitors.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

You’ll also find soccer and softball fields outside that can be used for a variety of activities. This location is ideal for hosting your next tournament. It has a disc golf course, batting courts, tennis courts and many other amenities. Patriots Park was home to five Dixie World Series Baseball and Softball Tournaments.

More Details About Patriots Park

Address:5445 Columbia Rd, Grovetown, GA 30813, United States
Contact:+1 706-863-7523

Steed’s Dairy

Steed’s dairy is an ex-working dairy farm that used to be a real dairy farm. It has cows, a five-acre corn maze and hay rides. The whole family will enjoy the fun. Undiscovered world full of surprises, twists and dead ends. It is a place where laughter fills your air and you can scream.

Image Credit :Facebook

Enjoy an unforgettable day at The Maize @ Steed’s Dairy. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by open spaces and hidden places. The fun will make you smile and want to return again and again.

More Details About Steed’s Dairy

Address:4634 Wrightsboro Rd, Grovetown, GA 30813, United States
Contact:+1 706-829-5334

Euchee Creek Park

This loop trail is 2.7 km long and located near Grovetown, Georgia. It is generally considered an easy route and takes on average 34 minutes to complete. It is popular for trail running, birding, and walking.

Image Credit :Facebook

However, you can still enjoy solitude at quieter times. March through October are the best months to visit this trail. You can allow dogs to visit the trail, but they must be kept on a leash.

More Details About Euchee Creek Park

Address:Harlem Grovetown Road, Grovetown, GA 30813
Contact:(706) 868-3400

Gordon Lakes Golf Course

Gordon Lakes Golf Club is a top-rated golf course in the South. Robert Trent Jones Senior, a world-renowned architect of golf courses, designed the original 18 holes and constructed them in 1976. Ault and Clark Associates designed the Pine View side and it was opened for play in 2002.

Image Credit :Facebook

There are 81 bunkers, cutouts within Georgia pines and other native trees. There is a practice range, chipping and putting greens. You can also rent clubs, pull carts, electric cars, and a fully-stocked pro shop. The club offers both instruction for advanced and beginners, as well as handicap services. The Pace Technologies GPS System is used on the golf course.

Address:537 Range Rd, Fort Gordon, GA 30905, United States
Contact:+1 706-791-2433

Meadow Gardens

The Meadow Garden can be found on the west side in downtown Augusta. It is separated from the Augusta Historic Trail, which runs east of the Sutherland Plant. It is a 1 1/2-story wood frame structure, set in a high brick basement. The oldest section of the house with three bays to the right was built in 1791.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

The Walton family passed the house to the American Revolution’s daughter in 1812.

More Details About Meadow Gardens

Address:1320 Independence Dr, Augusta, GA 30901, United States
Contact:+1 706-613-3580

Fort Gordon

Fort Gordon is a multi-mission, multiservice military installation that provides support and base services across a broad range of operational, training, and soldier sustainment requirements. The installation supports Army, Department of Defense, and other activities that perform regional and global missions, including communications training, operations, military intelligence and cyber operations.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

The current headquarters of the United States Cyber Center of Excellence is Fort Gordon. The fort is found in Richmond, Jefferson, McDuffie and Columbia counties.

More Details About Fort Gordon

Address:307 Chamberlain Avenue. Building #33720. Fort Gordon, GA, United States. 30905-0000
Contact:(706) 791-9131 (706) 791-3071

FAQs about Grovetown, Georgia

Is Grovetown GA diverse?

Grovetown, GA’s five largest ethnicities are White (NonHispanic), 47.7%, Black or African American, (27.7%), White, (Hispanic), (13.6%), White (Hispanic), (6.53%), Two+ (NonHispanic), (6.53%), Two+ (Hispanic), (1.3%).

Is Grovetown a suburb?

Grovetown, a suburb of Augusta, has a population totaling 14,777. Grovetown, located in Columbia County, is one of the most desirable places to live in Georgia.

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