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Duluth: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Duluth, Georgia

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Duluth was named "Top 10 Cities for Best American Values" in NewsMax magazine. It is also one of the "Best Affordable Suburbs” by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. Movoto named it "Top 10 Safest Places to Live" and "Top 10 Most Safe Suburbs in America".

Mode of Transport

MARTA offers convenient access to Hartsfield International and Turner Field as well as Philips Arena and other locations in the Atlanta region. Duluth residents have the best access to rail stations, including Chamblee Station at Peachtree Road or Chamblee Tucker Road near I-285.

Best Time To Travel

July, August and June are the hottest months. The hottest time of the year is usually from early to mid-August. Temperatures average around 91.9degF (33.3degC), with night temperatures seldom falling below 71.4degF (21.9degC).

Places to Explore – Duluth, Georgia

Duluth is where you can truly live the “Spirit of Good Living.” Festivals and events like the Duluth Springs Arts Festival and Duluth Fall Festival are highlights of Duluth Town green, where entertainment, shopping, and dining come together. Duluth is well-known for its small-town charm and big-city amenities. The historic downtown area of Duluth offers stunning views and old-world charm.

Duluth has everything, from the Red Clay Music Foundry to the New Dawn Theater, the Infinite Energy Center that houses the Georgia Swarm lacrosse team and the Hudgens Center for Art & Learning. The Southeastern Railway Museum is located here, as well as Up the River Outfitters which offer paddling and tubing trips along the Chattahoochee River. Make your next trip to Duluth a priority.

Duluth Depot

It was closed down in 1950, but it wasn’t until 2014 when it was used as an additional space to display and record the city’s history.

Image Credit : Flickr

Duluth Depot, an old passenger station, is located just down the road from the Southeastern Railway Museum. It is now owned and operated by the Duluth Historical Society. This beautiful, low-slung structure is an excellent example of southern railway infrastructure. The arrival of the evening train from Atlanta made it a popular place to meet neighbours.

More Details About Duluth Depot

Website: Duluth Depot
Address: 3595 Buford Hwy, Duluth, GA 30096, United States
Contact: +1 770-476-2013

Red Clay Music Foundry

This music destination is an important part of the economic development plan for Gwinnett’s second-largest and fourth-oldest municipality.

Image Credit : Facebook

This music venue attracts a diverse crowd who enjoy the talented acts on display. Eddie Owen, the founder of this music venue, likes to say that “Life is in a song” and that he has a special talent for finding emerging artists. He was instrumental in helping John Mayer, Sugarland and the Indigo Girls get started. His reputation and rapport with the music industry are unmatched.

Owen has been able to reach people who wouldn’t normally seek entertainment in Duluth by his humble approach. Owen is credited for creating a vision that has transformed this suburban oasis into a regional musical Mecca.

More Details About Red Clay Music Foundry

Website: Red Clay Music Foundry
Address: 3116 Main Street, Duluth, GA 30096
Contact: +1 404- 478-2749

Southeastern Railway Museum

The Southeastern Railway Museum, Georgia’s official transport museum, has one of the finest collections of railroad and road transport relics anywhere in the southeast.

Image Credit : Flickr

It’s not surprising that Duluth’s heritage museum is one of the city’s most popular attractions. You can also ride the amusement train, which was brought here from Birmingham, Alabama. The 14-hectare site contains close to 100 pieces historic rolling stock. These include steam locomotives, Pullman carriages and the private railcar used by President Warren G Harding from 1921-1923.

More Details About Southeastern Railway Museum

Website: Southeastern Railway Museum
Address: 3595 Buford Hwy, Duluth, GA 30096, United States
Contact: +1 770-476-2013

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is a fun and challenging way to take miniature golf to the next level.

Image Credit : Facebook

It features 27 challenging holes that will test your skill. Pirate’s Cove is one of the best mini golf courses in the area. The impressive landscaping includes waterfalls that are several metres high and a fully-scale pirate ship. You might be the next Tiger Woods. But you may also find that you enjoy the life of an 18th-century pirate.

More Details About Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

Website: Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf
Address: 3380 Venture Pkwy NW, Duluth, GA 30096, United States
Contact: +1 770-623-4184

McDaniel Farm Park

You can bring a picnic and enjoy the rolling hills and wooded walks, which are dotted with chirping birds and trickling creeks.

Image Credit : Flickr

McDaniel Farm Park gives you a glimpse at Georgia’s agricultural history. From 1859 to 1999, the McDaniel Family owned the former cotton plant. They made everything from the 125-acre land, including timber for the construction of a farmhouse in 1874.

The grounds include a barn, chicken coup, blacksmith shed, restored tenant farmer’s house, and a vegetable- and flower garden. This tranquil rural retreat now encompasses 134 sprawling acres. It is also available for rent.

More Details About McDaniel Farm Park

Website: McDaniel Farm Park
Address: 3251 McDaniel Rd, Duluth, GA 30096, United States
Contact: +1 770-822-8840

Cypher Escape Experience

Cypher Escape Experience was established in 2018. It combines design and film techniques to create futuristic escape spaces.

Image Credit : Facebook

Prepare for a thrilling, wild ride. Each of the rooms at Cypher Escape Experience Duluth are completely unique and immersive. Our rooms are perfect for a family getaway, work retreat, or simply fun with friends. Join us in tackling the challenges that we have created and working together to solve mysteries and crack codes.

Each room offers a different storyline and theme to create a fun, thrilling, and challenging experience for all who participate.

More Details About Cypher Escape Experience

Website: Cypher Escape Experience
Address: 4500 Satellite Blvd STE 2100, Duluth, GA 30096, United States
Contact: +1 678-812-1454

Bunten Road Park

This park has both passive and active recreation options. It offers tennis, soccer and tennis courts, playgrounds, walking trails and a recreation centre.

Bunten Road park is a community park that covers 45 acres in the southeast quarter of the city. Bunten Road, which runs between Old Peachtree Road (and Duluth Highway), is where the park is located. The park is approximately one block from M.H. Mason Elementary School. A lot of people flock to this park due to its many recreation options and well-maintained facilities.

Image Credit : Facebook

A single entrance leads to the park’s looping park road from Bunten Road. It provides access to numerous parking lots, which are conveniently located near the facilities. The park has many trails for pedestrian circulation. The central trail is a 10-foot wide asphalt path that runs parallel to the active fields, as well as through the forest section of the park.

Unpaved trails meander through smaller areas of the wooded. For park visitors, the trails offer a diverse experience. The majority of park space is used for active sports. There are two baseball fields, each with its own concession building. One soccer field is located in northwestern corner, while another is located centrally, near the community centre. An adjacent maintenance facility is located in the northern part of the park.

A tennis facility with 4 courts is found there. The community center, which covers 36,000 square feet, has an indoor gym and office space. It also features meeting rooms, aerobics rooms, and meeting rooms. The community center is home to Duluth’s recreation department headquarters. The community center hosts many events, including those for seniors and young children.

More Details About Bunten Road Park

Website: Bunten Road Park
Address: 3180 Bunten Road, Duluth GA 30096
Contact: +1 770-814-6981

FAQs: More Details About Duluth, Georgia

What is Duluth, GA known for?

Duluth has been recognized as a model community for Gwinnett County. It has a great mix of small businesses and entrepreneurs, large corporations, and visionary developers.

Is Duluth GA a nice place to live?

This charming suburb is a great place to live in Atlanta. It offers affordability, family-friendly amenities and excellent schools. Duluth is well-known for its Infinite Energy Center arena, and the many malls that make it an entertainment and shopping hub.

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