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Dalton: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Dalton, Georgia

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The Carpet Capital of the World is rich in history and beauty. Dalton is a place full of adventure, from the Appalachian Mountains' foothills to the Gateway of the Civil War.

Mode of Transport

Whitfield County Bus Service, Trasnit - A one-way ride costs $4.00. Two rail mainlines serve Dalton currently, CSX or Norfolk Southern.

Best Time To Travel

August, July, then June are the hottest months. The hottest time of the year is usually from early to mid-August. Temperatures average around 93.1 degrees F (33.9 degreesC), with night temperatures seldom falling below 70.8 degrees F (21.6degC).

Places to Explore – Dalton, Georgia

Although it is best known for carpets, but there’s is much more. The historic Western and Atlantic Railroad Tunnel and Heritage Center are located just 5 miles to the north. Chattanooga National Military Park is only 25 minutes away. Nearby Cherokee sites, New Echota (the Chief Vann House) are among the most preserved Native American sites.

Dalton’s charming downtown offers many unique shopping and dining options. It is a great place to spend an afternoon shopping or dinner. Dalton has many attractions, including festivals, Fine Arts and Civil War history. Prater’s Mill Country Fair is another. Dalton is a great place to stay with its hundreds of hotels, many restaurants and easy access from I-75.

Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Trail

The trail is open to both mountain bikers and runners, as well as hikers and runners who wish to take advantage of this beautiful space.

Image Credit : Facebook

The Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Trail is a great alternative to getting out into the great outdoors. It’s located just a short distance away from downtown Dalton. There are seven courses that cater to mountain bikers of every age and ability.

The three-kilometre “bear” trail is for beginners. Intermediate riders can choose from three different lengths. Advanced mountain bikers will find three additional trails. They are all well-marked and wind their way through the woods and hills of the area.

More Details About Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Trail

Website: Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Trail
Address: 145 Raisin Wy, Dalton, GA 30721, United States
Contact: +1 706-278-5404

Dalton Falls Fun Center

The 27-hole course features a waterfall, spray ponds, and holes ranging in length from 40-60 feet.

Image Credit : Wikimedia

The Dalton Falls Fun Center offers fun for all ages. Outdoor Laser Tag is great fun for groups of people, churches, businesses, and birthday parties. Laser Tag can be enjoyed on our 16,000-foot field or brought to your home. The entire family will enjoy the RC cars and Virtual Reality.

More Details About Dalton Falls Fun Center

Website: Dalton Falls Fun Center
Address: 2817 Airport Rd, Dalton, GA 30721, United States
Contact: +1 706-272-3574

George Disney Trail

The George W Disney Trail, another relic of Dalton’s involvement with the American Civil War is a walking trail that takes you up Rocky Face Mountain.

Image Credit : Wikimedia

This is the site of the first battle of Atlanta Campaign. It took place between 8-10 May 1864. The trail ends at George Disney’s grave. Nearly lost, the gravesite of George Disney was accidentally rediscovered in 1912 by boy scouts. That’s when the marble stone you can see today was installed.

Although the trail is just under four kilometers long, the steep terrain can make it feel longer, especially in high summer heat.

More Details About George Disney Trail

Address: 2325 Chattanooga Rd, Dalton, GA 30720, United States

Blunt House

It was built in 1840s and was home to Ainsworth Emery, who was also the city’s first mayor.

Image Credit : Facebook

Blunt House’s elegant, clean exterior is fitting tribute to one of Dalton’s oldest homes. It was used as a hospital for the Unionist Army during civil war. Confederate forces occupied it until the Blunts were allowed to return. Blunt House was home to the family until 1978. Today, the house has been converted into a museum.

The rooms showcase many of the original furniture and personal items of the family, including antique kitchenware and books. This gives a unique insight into south life.

More Details About Blunt House

Address: 506 S Thornton Ave, Dalton, GA 30720, United States

Haig Mill Lake Park

There are many wonderful outdoor spaces in Dalton, and we can’t list them all without Haig Mill Lake Park.

Image Credit : Facebook

The park’s lake is the focal point, reflecting the beautiful panorama of leaves. It has eight kilometres worth of designated walking trails along its shoreline. You are welcome to fish in the lake’s waters. Paddlers can rent kayaks or canoes to take advantage of the smooth stretch of water.

More Details About Haig Mill Lake Park

Website: Haig Mill Lake Park
Address: 652 Haig Mill Lake Rd, Dalton, GA 30721, United States
Contact: +1 706-278-5404

Prater’s Mill Historic Site

Prater’s Mill Historic site is located approximately 20 minutes north from downtown Dalton.

Image Credit : Facebook

Two reasons are there to visit Prater’s Historic Mill. First, you can visit the gristmill built in 1855 along the banks of Coahulla Creek. The other is because it stands as the trail head for the Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway, a driving route approximately 80 kilometres long. It is a popular spot for people who want to enjoy a peaceful picnic spot with beautiful scenery.

More Details About Prater’s Mill Historic Site

Website: http://www.pratersmill.org
Address: 5845 GA-2, Dalton, GA 30721, United States
Contact: +1 706-694-6455

Western and Atlantic Railroad depot

It is the oldest commercial building in the city and was constructed using elements of the Greek Revival architecture that was common at the time.

Image Credit : Flickr

This railway station was built in 1852 and dates back to Dalton’s early years. It was the depot that was involved in the Unionist raid, known as the Great Locomotive Chase, which took place during the American Civil War. The visitor centre is located in the nearby freight depot, which was built for Southern Railway Company.

It focuses on the history of civil war history and the railways that were used to transport people. A Pullman car, dating back to 1949 is also available for rail enthusiasts.

More Details About Western and Atlantic Railroad depot

Website: Western and Atlantic Railroad depot
Address: 215 Clisby Austin Dr, Tunnel Hill, GA 30755, United States
Contact: +1 706-876-1571

FAQs: More Details About Dalton, Georgia

What is Dalton, GA known for?

Dalton is known as the “Carpet Capital of the World”, home to more than 150 carpet plants. More than 30,000 people work in the Whitfield County region. The city is within 65 miles (105 km) of more than 90% of all functional carpets produced today.

What is the crime rate in Dalton, GA?

Dalton has a 1 in 38 chance of being a victim to property or violent crime. According to FBI crime data, Dalton does not rank among the most safe communities in America. Comparatively to Georgia, Dalton’s crime rate is higher than 75% in all of its cities and towns.

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