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Cortland: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Cortland, New York

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Cortland, New York

Best Places to Visit in Cortland: Cortland, New York is a city and county seat for Cortland County. Cortland, also known as the Crown City is located in New York’s Southern Tier. It had 17,556 residents as of 2020. Cortlandville is located near the county’s west border and surrounds the city.

Cortland was settled in 1791. It was made a village by 1853, and rechartered in 1864. was incorporated as New York’s 41st City in 1900. Cortland was one of the first villages to be elected county seat when the county was established in 1808. Because of its position on the plain formed by seven valleys, it is also known as “Crown City”.

It is also home to the SUNY Cortland campus, which boasts a vibrant student community. Although you may not plan to enroll as a student in Cortland, it is a wonderful place to spend a family vacation.

You can enjoy your holiday in Cortland no matter what the weather. There are plenty of tourist places and activities to choose from.

This list of 7 Best Places to Visit in Cortland, New York is full of charming vibes, breathtaking views and beautiful scenery.

The 1890 House Museum #1

Chester F. Wickwire, an industrialist and local Philanthropist, and Samuel Burrage Reed built the 1890 House Museum. It was founded in 1890 as part of the Historic District of Cortland. You can visit the museum and wander through its restored rooms.

The fascinating living museum allows visitors to step back in time and experience 19th-century Cortland. This property contains the lives of the Wickwire family members and their families. You can take either a private or public tour to get the most out of the experience. The family will share their stories and tell you about their lives. This is more than a fun day for the whole family. It’s also educational!

More Details About The 1890 House Museum

Address:37 Tompkins St, Cortland, NY 13045, United States
Contact: +16077567551

Unitarian Universalist Church #2

The church is beautiful with stained glass windows. It also offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We are proud to call this the “cobblestone church”, and we hope you enjoy attending one of the regular services. You can also find special events throughout the year on the website.

The church is beautiful with stained glass windows. It also has a warm environment. You’ll love attending one of the regular services, also known locally as “the cobblestone Church”.

More Details About Unitarian Universalist Church

Address:3 Church St, Cortland, NY 13045, United States
Contact: +16077530020

Cortland Rural Cemetery #3

An association was established in the winter of 1853 to buy land and create a cemetery at the western edge Cortland. The Cortland Rural Cemetery, a 50-acre park in central Cortland, today commemorates the remains 18,000 people (roughly the current living population of Cortland).

This cemetery is worth the effort, whether you are looking for free activities in Cortland, or iconic sights to visit this weekend.

More Details About Cortland Rural Cemetery

Address:110 Tompkins St, Cortland, NY 13045, United States
Contact: +16077566022

Suggett Park #4

Suggett Park is now one of our top recommendations for families, thanks to the recent addition of a playground area. Suggett Park is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of nature, rain or shine.


Families with children of all ages will find the park safe. There are swings, slides and other fun activities. CNY Living History Center

More Details About Suggett Park

Address:Enid, OK 73703, USA

CNY Living History Center #5

The CNY Living History Center is made up of three museums that focus on three aspects of history.The three-in-one museum was officially opened to the public June 12, 2012.

The Homeville Museum is a museum that focuses on local and military history. The Brockway Museum focuses more on Brockway Trucks here in Cortland. The Tractors of Yesteryear museum, on the other hand is focused on agricultural history.

More Details About CNY Living History Center

Address:4386 US-11, Cortland, NY 13045, United States
Contact: +16072994185

Cortland Repertory Theatre #6

In 1971-72, Dr. James Palmer (associate director of theatre at SUNY Cortland) and David Yaman (a local realty developer) recognized the need to provide a high quality summer theatre experience for residents and visitors of Central New York.

This theater is worth your attention, whether you are looking for the best things to do in Cortland during the day or just unique places to visit today. Enjoy amazing storylines and outstanding acting and be inspired.

More Details About Cortland Repertory Theatre

Address:6799 Little York Lake Rd, Preble, NY 13141, United States
Contact: +16077562627

Unique Cortland County Poor Farm #7

This historic farm complex, also known as County Farm is now home to 13 well-preserved structures. The original listing on the National Register of Historic Places was in 1982.

It also housed a mental asylum where 31 of the 88 homeless were declared insane. It is now a wonderful place to spend an afternoon admiring the surroundings.

More Details About Unique Cortland County Poor Farm

Address:Cortland, NY JVG7, United States

FAQs: About Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Cortland, New York

What is Cortland New York Famous For?

What is Cortland New York famous? Cortland is a quaint city located in southern New York state. There are several historical sites to visit in the area. A thriving arts scene is another attraction in the area. A Dowd Fine Arts Center, located on the State University of New York College at Cortland campus, promotes and preserves the arts in the area. The museum houses over 900 pieces of art, some of which have been preserved from the area’s early days.

How Diverse is SUNY Cortland?

The question is: how diverse is SUNY Cortland’s student body? Students have been reflecting on recent events on other college campuses, such as the walkout at Ithaca College last week. This year’s town hall meeting marks the third of its kind this fall. Chief diversity officer Noelle Chaddock says the university’s students have responded well to the president’s engagement.

Why is Cortland Called the Crown City?

Cortland is a picturesque city that sits slightly above seven valleys. Its population is approximately 19,000, and the city is the seat of Cortland County. Cortland is the closest incorporated city to the geographic center of New York. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, an outdoor adventure, or some history, this region has it all. Find out why Cortland is called the Crown City and what it means to be the city of cortland.


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