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Carrollton: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Carrollton, Georgia

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Explore off-the-beaten path historic sites nearby in Roopville, Whitesburg and Mt. Zion, Temple, and Bowdon.

Mode of Transport

Carrollton, GA Bus and Coach Companies and Stops - Flournoy’s Bus Charter And Travel. 151 Laurel Trce – (call (4043) 345-1999

Best Time To Travel

July, August, then June are the hottest months. The hottest time of the year is usually from early to mid-August. Temperatures reach 91.6degF (33.1degC), with night temperatures never dropping below 69.7degF (20.9degC).

Places to Explore – Carrollton, Georgia

Discover the historic downtown’s shops, restaurants, and galleries. Hobbs’ Park is the best disc golf course in the state. You can play or watch a game in our top-rated recreation facilities. The Carrollton GreenBelt is Georgia’s longest closed loop bicycle trail. See a show at Carrollton Cultural Arts Center, or the AMP Amphitheater.

The Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum and the West Georgia Textile History Trail allow you to connect with West Georgia’s textile history and art. The Historic Banning Mills zip line, which is Guinness-certified as the longest in the world, allows you to fly high. John Tanner Park offers a sandy beach for swimming. McIntosh Reserve Park and Little Tallapoosa Park allow you to camp or ride horses. You can hold your family reunion, wedding, or business meeting here.

Southeastern Quilt Musuem

This is a thematic exhibition of quilts that depict life’s journeys like joy, spirituality and healing.

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The Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum can be found in an old cotton warehouse just a short distance from Carrollton’s Adamson Square. The museum is open Thursday through Friday from 10-4pm, and Saturday from 10-2pm. Admission costs $5.00 Online and in-store memberships available. SQTM hosts rotating exhibits of traditional and art quilts as well as textiles.

For members, we have a classroom that is ready for use in Fall 2020. Children aged 9 years and over can attend summer camp sessions each year. Currently, we have Sacred Threads on display. A glimpse of our 2020 virtual summer camp projects can be viewed here.

More Details About Southeastern Quilt Musuem

Website: Southeastern Quilt Musuem
Address: 306 Bradley Street STE C, Carrollton, Georgia 30117
Contact: +1 770 301 2187

Lowell Paintball

No matter how many people are coming, everyone is eligible for the group rate.

Image Credit : Facebook

We are a Christian-owned/operated paintball court and pro shop that offers various versions of the game. Recommended for ages 8+ By reservation only. Sundays are closed. We have two packages. Every package includes everything you need to play, such as a Piranha rental marker or Tippmann 98, professional instruction, safety meeting, and paintballs. You only get one package, and that is how many paintballs.

You get 200 paintballs with the $25 package, and 500 paintballs with the $35 package. You can purchase extra paint for $5 per 100, or $20 for 500. You have the option to purchase your own equipment or pay the $10 ref & fields fees. You can also choose to either pay per fill for CO2 or buy all day air for $12. We will fill your tank until it runs dry, as long as you’re playing. The cost of filling your CO2 tank is $1 per 3 ounces.

More Details About Lowell Paintball

Website: Lowell Paintball
Address: 2277 Whooping Creek Road, Carrollton, GA 30116
Contact: +1 770 854-2267

Fur Babies Cat Cafe

You are also able to get coffee, tea, water, or other non-alcoholic drinks while you are there.

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They are a foster house for cats that have been adopted into the Carroll County Animal Shelter. These cats stay here full-time, until they are adopted into forever homes. While they are not able to prepare food on-site, they can provide a range of pre-packaged snacks. You can choose to adopt, spend time with our friends, relax, decompress or study here.

More Details About Fur Babies Cat Cafe

Website: Fur Babies Cat Cafe
Address: 302 South Street, Carrollton, Georgia 30117
Contact: +1 678 890-1860

Neva Lomason Memorial Public Library

Friends of the Library is an organization made up of individuals and businesses who support the local library.

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Friends of the Library is a group of individuals and businesses that support the local library. To join the Friends, you will need to complete a membership application and return it with $15. Notifications of special events and activities will also be sent to you.

More Details About Neva Lomason Memorial Public Library

Website: Neva Lomason Memorial Public Library
Address: 710 Rome Street, Carrollton, GA 30117
Contact: +1 770 836 6711

Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co.

They brew beer with all the same love and precision as their family, both as printers as well as as brewers.

Image Credit : Facebook

Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co., a 20-barrel production brewery & taproom, is what you see on the surface. It’s located in Carrollton (Georgia). If you dig deeper, you’ll find PAMCo. This closes the loop on a trajectory that has spanned more than 200 year (more details below). https://printers-ale.com/

More Details About Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co.

Website: Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co.
Address: 940 Columbia Drive, Carrollton, GA 30117
Contact: +1 770 836-4253

West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail

These historical communities played an important role in the cotton and hosiery, apparel and chenille industries.

Image Credit : Facebook

All of us are affected by the textile industry. The region of northwest Georgia from Dalton to Columbus has been a stronghold of textile production since 1840. These plants and mills changed lives and transformed communities.

More Details About West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail

Website: West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail
Address: 1601 Maple St., Carrollton, Georgia 30118
Contact: +1 678-839-6141

Southern Hills the Church at City Station

We are proud to invest in our students and children, believing that they will be the most influential members of the church.

Image Credit : Facebook

SERVICES: There are four services available: Thursday at 6:30 PM, Sunday at 9:00 AM, Monday at 9:45 AM and Tuesday at 11:30 PM. Our 9:45 AM service can also be streamed on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. All services are available for children from birth to sixth grade. For information on weekday events and meetings, visit our website.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Southern Hills Christian Church has an exceptional vision. We aim to make our services relevant, fun and meaningful. Our passion for the arts is what drives us to share the gospel of Christ through music, drama, and other media. Through small groups and ministry teams, we connect, serve and grow.

No matter your situation — married or single again, with or not children — you matter to God and us.

More Details About Southern Hills the Church at City Station

Website: Southern Hills the Church at City Station
Address: 2115 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA 30117
Contact: +1 770 832 1446

FAQs: More Details About Carrollton, Georgia

What is Carrollton Georgia known for?

Carrollton was a major commercial hub for many rural counties in Georgia and Alabama. It is home to the University of West Georgia as well as West Georgia Technical College. It is a rural community with a large farming population.

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