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Jefferson: Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Jefferson, Georgia

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Travel Attractions – Jefferson, Georgia

Jefferson, located only an hour from Atlanta was named the county seat for Jackson County on November 24, 1806. Named after President Thomas Jefferson, the city was once home to an Indian settlement called Thomoccoggan. Jeffersonville was the name of the city at that time. The name Jeffersonville was later changed to Jeffersonton, and the city’s current name was adopted on June 30, 1824.

Main Street Jefferson hosts a variety of community events throughout the calendar year, including Concerts on the Square as well as an annual Christmas Parade. Downtown is home to many great restaurants and shops.

Crow’s Lake

Crow’s Lake’s focus is on family fishing, as well as other outdoor agritourism recreational purposes. Running and biking events are possible on the new cross-country courses at 1K, 5K and 10K. Equestrian trails, fishing, and picnicking are all possible.

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There are many events throughout the year, including a Triathlon and Turtle Trek. Also, Disc Golf on an 18-hole course is available. Overnight camping is available for both church groups and scout troop.

More Details About Crow’s Lake

Address:155 Crow’s Lake Dr.Jefferson GA 30549
Contact:(706) 614-0865

Crawford W. Long Museum

Crawford W. Long Museum is dedicated to Dr. Long’s discovery that ether can be used as an anesthetic at this location on March 30, 1842. This three-building complex contains a medical gallery that honors Dr. Long, along with personal family heirlooms and displays that demonstrate the development of modern anesthesia. You should plan a visit to Dr. Long’s office and learn more about his role as a surgeon in the Confederacy.

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The museum has a variety of 19th-century medical equipment as well as furniture and textiles. It also features exhibits about the history of Jackson County’s education, business, and religious life.

More Details About Crawford W. Long Museum

Address:28 College St, Jefferson, GA 30549, United States
Contact:+1 706-367-5307

Jefferson Community Theatre

The Jefferson Community Theatre, a non-profit arts organization for the community, was established in 2009 as an initiative of Main Street Jefferson. Volunteers from the community were the ones who created and led this venture.

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The Jefferson Community Theatre promotes theatre as a way to express yourself. Art is essential to any community. Arts can lift spirits and increase collective consciousness among the residents of the community.

More Details About Jefferson Community Theatre

Address:28 College St.Jefferson GA 30549
Contact:(706) 367-5714

Shields-Ethridge Farm

The Shields–Ethridge Heritage Farm in northeast Georgia is an outdoor agricultural museum. It also serves as an interpretative and educational facility. Uniquely, the farm has a collection of historic buildings that are still in use and are listed on The National Register of Historic Places.

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Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm’s standard operating hours are from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday, April through October. Only reservations are allowed for entry. Self-guided tours are open from sunrise to sunset 7 days per week from April through October. Self-guided tours do not require reservations. This tour gives background information as well as historical insight about the family, farm and its agricultural heritage.

More Details About Shields-Ethridge Farm

Address:2355 Ethridge Rd.Jefferson GA 30549
Contact:(706) 367-2949

Jackson County Courthouse

Built in 1879, the Jackson County Courthouse features elements of the Neo-Classical style. It is the focal point of Jefferson, the county seat.

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This courthouse was the oldest continuously operated courthouse in America until 2004, when it was replaced by the current, north-facing courthouse. Everybody is welcome to visit the 1st Floor of the Courthouse.

More Details About Jackson County Courthouse

Address:85 Washington St.Jefferson GA 30549
Contact:(706) 387-7685

FAQs about Jefferson, Georgia

What is Jefferson GA famous for?

The Crawford W. Long Museum is Jefferson’s most prominent historical feature.

What is Jackson County Ga known for?

The University of Georgia is located in Jackson County. It was established on Clarke County land. Classes began before Clarke County was created in 1801. Harmony Grove Female Academy was another notable first in education. It was chartered as the first state-chartered school for girls in 1824.

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