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Pensacola: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Pensacola, Florida

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Tourist Attractions in Pensacola Florida

One of the unique tourist attractions in Pensacola is the Hawkshaw Lagoon Memorial Park, which houses the only Missing Children’s Memorial in the entire United States. From the observation deck in the Park, visitors can enjoy this incredible sculpture and admire the surrounding wildlife. The park also has a walking bridge, which allows visitors to explore the area. This park has a rich ecosystem that features sea life and a wide range of bird species.

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If you’re looking for a place to visit with a rich history, Pensacola has several museums and historical sites. You can see the Pensacola Lighthouse, which is visible for miles around, and tour the nearby Maritime Museum. The lighthouse was completed in 1859, and still has its original Fresnel lens. Pensacola is a fascinating destination for art enthusiasts, whether you’re interested in local and historical art, architecture, or history.

Those who love history can take in the museum’s exhibits on various industries from the 1800s. It’s housed in an old building originally constructed for the Pensacola Ice Co. and includes many artifacts that reflect the city’s diverse industry. Its collection includes tools for processing lumber, as well as bricks of various sizes. Trader Jon’s Bar was an iconic hangout for locals, and now it’s a museum full of beautiful art.

If you’re a history buff, don’t miss the Museum of Commerce, which has a full-size reconstruction of the city’s streets from the 1880s. There are many other attractions to see in Pensacola, including an 1890s street and trolley cars. The city’s transformation from a wild area to a manufacturing center can be seen through the voices of Pensacola’s past. A National Register historic site, the Old Christ Church, is also worth a visit.

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Pensacola’s National Seashores Gulf Islands & Beaches #1

Imagine beautiful and empty beaches stretching 160 miles across the Florida Panhandle, into Alabama and Mississippi . You can hear the sounds of seabirds and the gentle, soothing breezes from the fine white sand. Imagine a place you can relax and enjoy the simple joys in life.

Visit In Pensacola

All of this can be found at Gulf Islands National Seashore which is located just minutes from Pensacola. There are many tranquil pleasures to be found along this strip, including trails and uncrowded campgrounds as well as kayak rentals and spots, historical forts and wildlife. It is a place that you will never want to leave.

Walk through Historic Pensacola Village #2

Pensacola in collaboration with the University of West Florida did an outstanding job of researching, restoring and documenting the city’s historical past. The most striking example is the charming Historic Pensacola Village. Also called the Seville Historic District. This complex includes 28 restored buildings, four museums and allows you to follow in the steps of pioneers.

Visit In Pensacola

Pensacola Museum of History (formerly T.T. Wentworth Jr.museum takes you on an adventure through Pensacola’s rich history. Children’s Museum lets history come to life – interactively for younger children. You can stroll down an 1890s street and enter a trolley car at the Museum of Commerce.

The Museum of Industry documents the city’s transformation, from a small wilderness outpost to a manufacturing- and transportation hub. Voices of Pensacola as well Old Christ Church, both listed on The National Register of Historic Places, are worth your attention.

Pensacola dining #3

Because of its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, ensacola has fresh seafood on offer at all local restaurants. Grand Marlin Pensacola Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy fine food. The spectacular views from this restaurant overlook the water make it a joy to eat there. You can reserve a table at the covered outdoor restaurant area and take in the cool breezes of the sea while you dine.

Visit In Pensacola

Stop by Flounder’s Chowder House for a fun dining experience. If you see the large, rusty-colored boat in front of the restaurant, you’ll know it’s your place. Here you can sit on the patio, inside or outside, and enjoy your meal with your toes in sand. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to start a healthy diet by the huge plates of deep-fried everything.

Palafox Street has a diverse selection of restaurants offering everything from Thai food to traditional North American fare.

The Saenger Theatre presents a memorable performance #4

Take a trip back in time to the Roaring Twenties with one of the performing arts at what locals refer to as “The Grand Dame of Palafox Street”. The Saenger Theatre, built in 1925 amid the excesses and opulence of the Great Depression, featured many of today’s most prominent stars.

Visit In Pensacola

50 years later, the Saenger, which had been in decline for many years, was finally shut down. It was later renovated and expanded, and reopened with the same great ambience as it did in the past.

It hosts world-famous entertainers today. The performers can be seen in America’s cultural gem, Palafox Street. There are also some great shops just outside.

Pensacola Museum of History #5

You’ll find the former cityhall, which was built in 1907, as you stroll through Old Pensacola. Today, it houses the Pensacola Museum of History. A stop is well worth it. The museum has two permanent collections as well as a list of rotating exhibits that change regularly.

Visit In Pensacola

The City of Five Flags exhibit offers a fascinating view of Pensacola. The interactive exhibit, which uses archeological discoveries and other displays to trace the city’s history, is more than just memorabilia. Trader Jon’s second permanent exhibit is also available. This poignant recreation of Pensacola’s most treasured tourist attraction along with an extensive overview of Jon’s eclectic life is a must see.

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