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Top 10 Unique Things To Do In Finland You Shouldn’t Miss

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Travel Attractions – Unique Things To Do In Finland

If you want to experience true winter fun and the land of Santa Claus, Finland is perfect for you. Visit the Lapland, home to Santa Claus and his elves. You’ll experience snowy days, fun winter activities, and stunning architecture.

Older people will find a different magic: The haunting Northern Lights, the beautiful Nordic woodland in autumn and the endless summer days under the midnight sun.

You can also enjoy the Arctic activities that you know from movies like cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and reindeer riding in the long winters.

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Read on to learn about some of the best things to do in Finland. It’s a truly unique destination! And don’t miss this:

1. Inari

The EU’s northernmost point and the northernmost point of Lapland. This is the region with the lowest population in Finland.

There are many reasons to travel so far north. The landscape is beautiful with its glistening rivers, low fell ranges and coniferous forest.


Culturally, the Sami people inhabit the highest parts of Russia’s Kola Peninsula and the Nordic countries.

Siida is a museum in Inari that tells you everything about the Sami belief system, history, and way of living.

2. Midnight Sun

The upside to winter’s perpetual darkness is the Midnight Sun during summer.

The sun rises for 70 days in the northern reaches Lapland. Further south, the sun will set lower but the sky will still be lit.

Midnight Sun

You can see the Midnight Sun as a Finn from a remote cottage. Here you can walk, fish or even play golf at the extended summer hours.

There’s nothing like looking out over vast, glowing forests from the top of a hill when you’re close to a fall.

3. Reindeer experiences

Lappish life is so reliant on reindeer that they are nearly as numerous as people!

A company will offer reindeer rides in any town or resort of Lapland. You’ll also be able to view the stunning landscapes that give Lapland its nickname “winter wonderland”.

All the reindeer in northern Lapland are rounded up twice a year for a headcount.

Reindeer Experiences

Semi-domesticated reindeer are a popular choice and Lapland residents take great pride in their existence.

This is especially true for Sami culture, where reindeer husbandry comes second to all.

4. Ice Fishing

What could be a better pastime than Finland, a country so reserved and contemplative?

You have to be prepared for anything to happen when you go ice fishing.

You and your companions will be the only ones to enjoy the beauty of the frozen lake, surrounded by deep green forests.

Ice Fishing

It’s certain that you’ll do a lot of thinking. All lakes in Lapland will have five centimeters ice during winter.

It takes only a few moments to make a hole in the rock, then bait your hook and cast off. Then, you can relax and wait…

5. Aurora Borealis

You can see one of nature’s great spectacles for 200 nights per year, from August through April.

This could be an opportunity that only you will ever have, even if you don’t live near the Arctic Circle.

Clear nights are the best for seeing the Northern Lights, so it is worth having some luck with weather.

Aurora Borealis

It’s up to you how you view them. You can be bold and go out on snowmobiles into the wilds of winter, or you can walk to a vantage point using snowshoes.

This may seem like a lot of effort, but there are many luxury suites and glass Igloos that allow you to gaze up at Aurora Borealis from your own accommodation.

6. Skiing

Lapland may not be the right place for you if you are looking for gargantuan slops.

The region is more of a cross-country skier’s El Dorado, and it is covered in a thick blanket of snow from October through April.

Cross-country skiing has become a national pastime. It’s the easiest way to get around the country throughout the year.


The most popular ski resorts in Lapland are located in the rounded fells.

These hills have Levi, Pyha–Luosto and Ruka.

Levi has 43 slopes that are floodlit and almost half of them are for big resort amenities.

7. Meet Santa Claus

Officially, Santa Claus is the hometown in Rovaniemi, Lapland’s main city.

It would be a crime for children to visit Lapland without bringing Santa Claus.

Three major Santa-themed attractions are located around Rovaniemi. Santa Claus Village allows you to see his office, and the post office that receives letters from children all over the globe.

Meet Santa Claus

Santa Park is a Christmas theme park that offers rides and shows for children.

Jolukka is a rural attraction where children can spend time with Santa’s elves, go fishing, look after reindeer, and pick berries.

8. Ranua Zoo

You can visit Ranua, the world’s northernmost zoo.

Ranua Zoo is not a place where you can see exotic species. Instead, it brings together the wildlife from Finland’s polar regions into one place.

There are 50 arctic species to be seen, including top predators such as brown bears, bears and polar bears.

Ranua Zoo

There are also benign herds for moose or deer.

The zoo is accessible every day of the year. A visit in the middle of summer would be an even better experience than a visit during winter, when there’s snow everywhere.

9. Levi Ice Gallery

This “cool” attraction, which features structures entirely made from ice, is located approximately six kilometres from Levi ski resort.

You can book a room, but most people just stop by to admire the sculptures and have a beer or a meal.

Levi Ice Gallery

Even if you are only there for a drink, you can still take part in the most bizarre karaoke singing event ever!

You can book the gallery’s facilities for events.

10. Husky Safaris

The husky is another semi-domesticated animal Lapland can’t live without.

Another classic Lappish experience is dog-sledding safari. It is available at major ski resorts such as Luosto and Levi, as well the town of Rovaniemi.

Husky Safaris

You can train your dogs to be a “musher”, controlling your own dog pack and flying through the Nordic woods and over frozen lakes at great speed.

FAQs About Finland

What is so unique about Finland?

Finland is known for being The Happiest Country in the World. It also has the best education system and the cleanest air. Finland is well-known for its saunas and reindeers as well as Nokia and the Santa Claus Village. This Nordic utopia is often called the Country of a Thousand Lakes. It has 187,888 of them.

Is Finland a good country to migrate?

Finland in top 10 of best countries to be an immigrant.

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