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Tips to Protect Your Lower Back From Injuries

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When you are at your workplace, getting yourself injured is likely possible, and if you are involved in a work that expects you to lift heavy weights or perform extraneous work, you will get injured once. But minor injuries are acceptable and can be treated. 

But this becomes ugly when you get an injury that can be fatal to your health, like a spine injury. Spinal cord injuries at work are highly likely to happen to people that lift heavyweights. So taking good care of your spine is a no-brainer. But if you get a spine injury at work, you must consult your personal injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids as soon as possible for further claims. Here we have discussed a few points on how you can take care of your spine and avoid such mishaps.

Ways in which you can protect your back from injuries.

  1. Make your core strong: The body’s core plays an integral role in keeping your body figure upright and strong. Keeping it strong and active daily will serve you well when you get an injury and later in your life. 

To make your core strong, you can participate in activities like yoga and light cardiovascular exercises, which will help to increase the blood flow within your body and stretch your muscles. Moreover, you can start with ball workouts to engage your core, making it strong.

  1. Getting an ergonomic office chair: The way you sit, the position you sleep in, and how you carry your body affect your spine considerably. Therefore investing your time and money in getting an ergonomic chair is extremely important. 

These chairs are specially designed to adjust your spine and thighs in an optimal position where minimum or no stress is directly coming upon your spine. Furthermore, when you have invested in a chair, you should not mistake slouching over the chair as this might cause a slipped disc, which is extremely painful.

  1. Protect your back while lifting: Lifting can be a common cause where you can have lower back pain. These injuries can be caused when you raise your groceries to load them in your car or lift your infant. All the activities that require you to send your back can contribute to back pain. To avoid this, you must perform semi-squats while lifting things where you are not bending your back and taking support from the thighs.

If you want to learn more about how you can safeguard your back from injuries, then you must consult a physician or a chiropractor. These are best to explain the body dynamics and how you should take care of your posture and body. 

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