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Tips to get your luggage to Arrive at baggage Claim at airport

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Here a few tricks to beat the arrival time of their luggage at baggage claim : Tips to get your luggage to Arrive at baggage Claim at airport


Once you get off the flight and into your new destination, it’s easy to get excited about hitting the road there and then. The only problem is that if you’ve checked in your luggage, you’ll have to wait for it to come around the carousel.

But those looking to enjoy every minute of their vacation may want to try a few tricks to beat the arrival time of their luggage at baggage claim.

One way to do this is to ask the check-in representative to attach a flimsy sticker to your bag. Bags that are marked as fragile will usually be loaded later and come out earlier than other bags. In addition, they are also likely to wear out less. However, the downside of this tactic is that once in a while these stickers may not be seen or noticed by employees.

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How to get your luggage off from the return belt first

If you’re trying to fly through the airport, then don’t check your bag. It is simple. But sometimes you can’t help it, and even the most savvy travelers wait for their suitcases to drop onto the baggage claim carousel. For decades, people have wondered how to get their luggage out of that back belt first. But is there really any way to do this?

According to Emily McNutt, associate editor of points, miles and travel tips website The Points Guy, there’s no foolproof way to game the system. While some passengers often swear that check-in timing matters, arguing that they get their bags out of the hold first sooner or later, loading and unloading systems vary by plane, airline and baggage handling team. Some aircraft are loaded using large crates of bags that bag handlers pack into the belly of the aircraft to ensure even distribution, while others are stored loosely in the hold as individual pieces. The Transportation Security Administration’s review also rejects the timing theory because it can slow down the baggage’s journey to the plane through a security stop route.

Since passengers don’t know what behind-the-scenes process their luggage will go through on a given flight, it’s almost impossible to manipulate the system for a faster result. But there are exceptions – if you will to pay.

Some Hacks to claim your Baggage at First

1. Try Packing Less

The most efficient way to avoid baggage claim problems is to not have any checked bags. If you plan to check two bags and find you can only travel with one checked bag, do so. If you can only get by with hand luggage, this would be an even better idea. In the US, most airlines allow you to take one carry-on bag and one smaller item that can fit under the seat. There are also many exemptions that carry restrictions on things like baby carriages, medical devices, baby seats.

2. Make your bag Identical

Many bags look identical, so do something to help you find the bag quickly, such as tying a bright ribbon to the handle or placing a sticker on the side of the bag. If you have numerous bags, they may not be next to each other on the baggage carousel, so it is very important that each of your bags has some unique identifiers.

3. Make you Contact details available on the bags and inside each bag

Many bags come with a tag with a small address card. Include your name and contact information. If you enter an address, please indicate where you want the bag delivered. Many of you also want to include a phone number or email address where you can be reached when you travel. You may want to put the same information in the bag as well.

4. Look at the Information on the Luggage Tag

At the check-in desk, when the airline places a baggage tag on your bag, check that the information is correct. The most important information is the departure and destination airports, which are three-letter codes that will be capital letters. If you don’t know what these are for your departure and arrival airports, ask at check-in. Many labels will also include flight number information and possibly your name. Make sure that any identification number or other information on the baggage tag matches the information on the claim ticket.

5. Go to the Luggage/Baggage claim, area before your bag reaches there

Once your plane reaches the gate, proceed to the baggage claim area. If you are in an unfamiliar airport with a large baggage claim area, there may be many baggage carousels. If you’re not sure where to go, ask one of your airline’s agents or look for the baggage carousel that indicates which carousel your flight’s baggage will be on. Even if you’re the last to get off a crowded plane, you should be able to get to the baggage claim area before your luggage.

6. What can you do when the bag is seem to be Damaged

Customers with elite status with the airline should automatically receive priority baggage check-in, which means they will be among the first bags to arrive at baggage claim. McNutt suggests making sure the agent knows you have status.

“When you’re dropping off your bag at the ticket counter, make sure you have a visible tag on it,” says McNutt. “If your frequent flyer number is associated with your flight reservation, they will know.”

Plus, even if you don’t have elite status, booking a first or business class seat means you not only get better onboard amenities, but also amenities like priority baggage check-in. But if you can’t afford a premium and can’t take a carry-on, the good news is that airlines are improving their technology to help ease the baggage stress of passengers. Qatar Airways’ “Track My Bags” feature allows you to find out if your baggage is at your check-in, transfer or arrival destination; Last year, Delta Air Lines introduced new baggage tracking technology in its app.

“When your plane arrives at the gate, you can see where your luggage is, track where it’s going in the airport, and get an estimated time it will arrive at baggage claim,” says McNutt.

So while there’s no bullet-proof way to beat the baggage carousel, if you know what you’re doing (and can afford it), you’ll at least be able to speed things up the next time you have to check a bag.

Contributed by Ankit Raj Sharma

Edited by Imtiaz Ullah

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